Interesting New Stories on Tara and Psycho Sid

– Lisa Varon (Tara) had a $3,000 set of custom wheels stolen from her car that was parked outside of her home recently. The thief then brought the wheels to a custom car dealership to ask how to put them on his own car. That dealership just happened to be Black Widow Customs, which Tara owns. The employees at her shop recognized the wheels and called police. The thief was arrested.

– Sid Vicious was scheduled to wrestle for Dreamwave Wrestling on June 5th in LaSalle, Illinois but did not show up. The promoters got word that morning that Sid didn’t board his flight and spent all day trying to get in touch with him. Sid finally called them back and said that when he got to the airport, he forgot to bring his passport so they wouldn’t let him board the flight. Keep in mind Sid was flying from Memphis, TN to Chicago, IL. For those who haven’t figured it out yet, you don’t need a passport to fly within the country.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter