Backstage News on Ric Flair’s Stable, Helms-TNA Update and More

– TNA executives showed up unannounced at the recent live event in Dayton, Ohio and were said to be blown away by the difference between live event presentations and TV.

– Former WWE Superstar Gregory Helms has been telling friends that he’s headed to TNA with Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore. Helms’ 90 day non-compete clause with WWE expired last month so he can debut at any time.

– Word is that Desmond Wolfe won’t be a member of Ric Flair’s new Fortune stable, at least for now. Apparently Wolfe is out of favor and the decision came to pick Kazarian as the fourth stable member because Kaz is easier for officials to work with and some see him as a potentially bigger star.

The Fortune name was created by one of the members of the group, not TNA creative. Creative wanted to use The Flair Four and F-4 but the members of the stable didn’t like the name. Someone came up with Fortune and that’s what they are going with.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter