Tara Possibly Returning to TNA, Angle’s Victory Road Opponent & More

– Spike TV has given TNA more of a green light to go “more hardcore”, whatever that means.

– Kurt Angle will be wrestling either Samoa Joe or The Pope, if he’s able to return from injury, at next month’s TNA Victory Road pay-per-view.

– It’s now believed that Lisa “Tara” Varon will be returning to TNA. The story is that she was leaving TNA when her contract expired earlier this year and they came up with the retirement stipulation for her match with Madison Rayne. Then, before the match even happened, Tara and Dixie Carter worked out a new deal or at least were close to a new deal. Since they had already promoted the retirement stipulation, they had to stick with it and she left. TNA is currently trying to come up with a storyline to explain why she can return.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter