Site News: Search Bar Added To News Sections

WrestleScoop Readers,

You may have have noticed some changes to WrestleScoop, I’ve added a search bar to the home page and news pages. Not only do the changes to the right navigation make the site look a bit cleaner and less cluttered, but the new search bar should help you find the news that you want to read about easier and quicker. The changes also make the website load a bit faster.

We wanted to make search a more prominent part of the website along with an emphasis on social media (sign up for our Facebook and Twitter pages). Now you can more easily access the exact news story that you want. Want to read more about NXT’s invasion of RAW? Google, “NXT RAW Invasion” right in the search bar and you’ll get our most relevant news stories. Our search results are powered by Google, so you’re always going to get the best results.

I hope you enjoy searching for more news on our website.

The wrestler dropdown, if you were a frequent user of that feature, is now located above our updates section of the home page, as well as above the Superstars News sections in the WWE and TNA sections.

I hope you enjoy the changes. Hit me up with some feedback in the comments section.

Keeping it real,
Vegas Martin