JR Blog: Being in Attendance at Fatal 4 Way, Fans at the Hotel, More

Below are some highlights from Jim Ross’ new blog on jrsbarbq.com:

– It was great seeing old friends at the Fatal 4 Way Sunday. These are crazy days and not overly condusive to long, leisurely discussions but it was a good day nonetheless.

Enjoyed visiting with the various broadcasters in WWE prior to the PPV and hope that I can offer them some help as time goes on at future PPV events.

Honestly, it was tough being at a big event and watching it from the locker room area and not being at ringside wearing a headset. It’s not so bad at home in the old, La-Z-Boy but being at the actual site and not seeing any action is challenging for an old warhorse like me. Joey Styles kept me company and I enjoyed watching the majority of the PPV with the voice of ECW Wrestling. There’s just a touch of irony in that last sentence one might say.

Helping young talents get better in and out of the ring especially preparing for a challenging and often times short career in the genre are aspects that excite me about my monthly visits to FCW in Tampa.

– There were fans in the hotel lobby, or so I was told by hotel staff Monday morning, until 3 a.m. and many of them had their children with them. School age children sitting in a hotel lobby until the middle of the night hoping to get an autograph or a photo with a WWE talent. I realize that school is out for the summer but I have a hard time buying into the fact that small kids were sitting in a hotel lobby trying to stay awake when they should have been at home in their own beds. Most of the WWE folks traveled on to Bridgeport after the PPV and some even toward new Hampshire so unfortunately many of the lobby dwelling, autograph seekers had to settle for the King and I who had dinner together there at the Marriott next to the Coliseum. King and I did meet some really nice fans after the PPV and appreciate them caring enough to want a photo or an autograph.

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