Update on Sheamus’ Win, Cena Comments More on NXT, Jericho on GMA

– Chris Jericho will be appearing on ABC’s Good Morning America tomorrow at 8:15am to promote Downfall.

– To clarify the post on Sheamus from earlier, his WWE Title win last night was the 100th time the belt has changed. Sheamus isn’t the 100th WWE Champion.

– John Cena wrote the following on Twitter this morning: “CeNation. Its amazing what a good nights sleep and a good workout can do. I am not upset about wwe championship, I will handle that…. I was just real upset at nxt, they have been just too much, sometimes u gotta say F it! I may go down…but I’m goin down swinging!”

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  • The Rock

    The Rock says: John Cena is GAY!

  • Brantly

    Yes…yes he is.

  • king

    Why do so many people dislike cena? cena seemslike a solid guy with good work ethics. how many wwe stars try so hard to come back so fast from injuries for the company? it`s just weird that so many people hate him so much.

  • killarob

    Cena is just to damn mister goodie goodie like e never does wrong nobody these days wants to see that if you look at all of the best wrestlers they all played that good guy bad guy role perfect cena no so

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