Several WWE Wrestlers Post Their Fatal 4 Way Thoughts On Twitter

Here is what the WWE Superstars had to say on Twitter:

Chris Jericho: “Had the best match I’ve had in months tonight. Bourne is the real deal…and I must destroy him.”

Savannah: “Was great to interview the Unified Tag Team Champs, The Hart Dynasty tonite @ F4W!! 🙂 congrats to @aliciafoxy for becoming Divas champ! 🙂 ”

Matt Hardy: “Thanks so much for the love tonight NY! Drew got exactly what he deserved & will continue to until I’m reinstated to SD..”

Bella Twins: “Amazing PPV! But honestly what are these NXT Guy’s deals! Hope they get a true beatin’ tomorrow night”

Kofi Kingston: “What a PPV! Everyone who was there should check themselves for burns, because that crowd was on FIRE! Boom Squad was def in the building!!!”

Jim Ross: “Crazy, abrupt ending @ Fatal 4 Way. Big nite 4 Evan Bourne. Sheamus & Rey win titles. Alicia Fox w/ surprising title win. Interesting nite.”

Zack Ryder: “Beat MVP tonight on Long Island in the Fatal 4 Way bonus match! WWWYKI”