Why TNA’s Doing an ECW Storyline, Updates on Heyman & Dreamer

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– While WWE has the name Tommy Dreamer trademarked, Dreamer can still use the name in TNA and anywhere else he wants since he can show that he’s used the name before WWE. As everyone knows, Dreamer used the name for years before joining WWE.

– It’s said that Paul Heyman does not want to come into TNA with the way things are currently setup as far as creative and everything else goes.

– The reason TNA is bringing in several former ECW stars is because the focus group that did research a few months back showed that many fans responded that ECW was their favorite period in wrestling when asked. The results from this focus group is what really started the idea of bringing in Paul Heyman to lead a group of former ECW stars.

Spoilers on the ECW Stables in TNA, More Big Names Coming




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  • jeffrey

    dudleys used their name LONG before WWE as well, yet theyre still trademarked by WWE and cant use them… so i dont see why tommy should be allowed to either… well i DO i just… dont see the fairness in the situation…. even rhyno had to drop the Y….. so why dreamer can keep his ring name is beyond me

  • gookago

    TNA sux!:) not part of the subject just wanted to say it 😀

  • Jason

    This is typical TNA – take something from 15 years ago and not only use the same elements, but this time use the actual same people!

    ECW is so revered by wrestling fans & smarks – because it was something comepletely new, something that wrestling fans had never seen before.

    If TNA really wants to be the top dog in this industry they’ve got to do something new – not try to retread old names, and story lines.

    Both TNA and WWE have been so disappointing over the last 6 months – this is just another sad attempt to grab some quick ratings.

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