Latest on WWE and & Danielson, Indy Group Copying WCW Events

Partial source: PWInsider

– An independent wrestling group called Universal Championship Wrestling is doing a show called Road Wild in Sturgis, South Dakota at the Full Throttle Saloon on August 13th. You may remember that WCW ran pay-per-views from Sturgis called Road Wild. The free-admission UCW show will feature wrestling in-front of a biker crowd, just like WCW did. Names like Scott Steiner, Al Snow, Scott Norton, The Barbarian and Ron Simmons are being advertised.

UCW uses other WCW names for their events like Nitro, Super Brawl, Spring Stampede and Clash of the Champions. The promotion’s current Champion is Tommy Dreamer and their roster has several former WCW and WWE stars including Sid, Ivory, Buff Bagwell, David Flair, Disco Inferno, Glacier, Pamela Paulshock, Juventud Guerrera, Rick Steiner, Jazz, Scott Hall, X-Pac and Ultimo Dragon, among others.

– People in WWE indicate that WWE asking fans on Facebook yesterday whether or not they should bring Bryan Danielson back was simply their way of bringing in traffic off the whole Daniel Bryan situation.

As noted before, WWE does want to bring Danielson back once everything blows over from the incident that got him fired.

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