Batista’s Reason for Leaving WWE Has To Do with the Current Product

– As noted before, former WWE Superstar Batista was at last night’s Strikeforce MMA show in Los Angeles.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer asked Batista why he left WWE. Batista said he was sick and tired of WWE’s direction and had to get out. He said that it wasn’t the kind of wrestling he grew up watching and wasn’t the product that he had always enjoyed.

Batista didn’t rule out a return to WWE but did not seem in a hurry to work with the company again. Batista, who has lost some weight since leaving WWE, said he was out in Los Angeles looking for work. He was seen talking with Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker but The Animal entering the MMA world to fight seems highly unlikely.

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  • will mariano

    wwe is not what it was back in the day and i liked it better then i still watch wwe but i wish that it was more fun this is not a kid show long time fans still watch RAW and yes kids watch it too but if vince wants more then he should turn WWE into a fun show for both adults and kids

  • Don

    I was never a big Batista fan, but I agree with him on this. WWE is just boring now. It’s become nothing more than advertising. We’ve had a year of the so-called celebrities hosting RAW. Only a few of the people are legitimate celebs, and they are onlt chosen based on what product they can advertise. Now that Linda McMahon’s senate campaign and Mattel toys run the show, it’s turned into a boring kids show about John Superman Cena.

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