Spoilers: TNA iMPACT Tapings – 6/17/2010

– Thanks to Tim and Wrestlingnewsworld.com for these TNA iMPACT spoilers, to air this Thursday the 17th:


* Daffney vs. Taylor Wilde. Daffney wins after using a chain while the referee wasn’t looking. Sarita is out complaining to the referee. Andrew Thomas restarted the match. Winner via quick roll-up, Taylor Wilde. After the match, Daffney attacks Sarita. Taylor Wilde stopped her and rolled her out of the ring.

* Brutus Magnus vs. Suicide. Winner via spinning TKO type maneuver, Brutus Magnus. Brutus gets on the mic and says he’s had 3 months off to reassess and refocus and there’s only one thing on his mind – championship gold. He accepts Rob Terry’s open challenge. Terry comes out and says the good news is he never backs out from a challenge. The bad news is Homicide went to Eric Bischoff first and took the challenge. Magnus says what really is happening is Terry is afraid of him. Terry comes to the ring and gets in his face. Magnus slaps him and bails.

iMPACT, Airing Thursday:

* JB takes over for Val as the ring announcer and Mike Tenay joins Taz at his regular broadcast position.

* Eric Bischoff on video in his office. He says being a part of TNA is an honor and a privilege. Due to actions outside the ring by Scott Hall, The Band is stripped of the titles and a tournament starts tonight. The winners of the tournament face the Motor City Machine Guns at the PPV.

* Semi tournament match of the tag tournament: The Band of Kevin Nash and Eric Young vs Ink Inc. Winner via Samoan drop/neckbreaker off the top combo, Ink Inc

* Ric Flair is out with his “Five Horsemen”. He says he’s going to make an announcement that changes the face of the greatest sport in the world. Flair says he’s reforming the four horsemen but is calling it Fortune. He says the Horsemen were the best because they lived, loved and breathed wrestling. Flair gets in each guy’s face and says what the horseman would do in their place. Flair says it’s not the Four Horsemen but it’s the same hand sign. Flair then asks AJ if he’s kidding me about Lethal last night? Flair says AJ committed suicide last night losing to a piss ant like Lethal. Lethal comes out in a suit and does his Flair impersonation. He asks if someone mentioned the Four Horsemen, the greatest group ever? He says it looks like they were here and took a dump in the ring. He says that they are not the Horsemen and it’s disrespectful to him and the Horsemen. Flair says Lethal is nothing and not Ric Flair. Lethal throws his jacket down and elbow drops it. They start doing woos back and forth and cutting each other off with Flairisms. Wolfe finally tries to cut off Lethal. He calls Lethal a cheap imitation. Wolfe challenges Lethal to a match later to prove himself. Lethal says Wolfe can’t control his woman. Lethal agrees to the match later tonight.

* Hernandez vs Samoa Joe. During the match Morgan gave Hernandez a low blow while the referee was distracted. Winner via exploder suplex, Samoa Joe

* Backstage AJ is talking to Desmond about his match. He says sure Chelsea is gone, but he needs to get his woman in order and focus on the match.

* Douglas Williams is out. He says the X Division is over and dead because he’s rendered everybody else and their moves irrelevant. From now on the X Division will be synonymous with the ground and pound style he uses and he’ll have a demonstration tonight on his opponent.

* Douglas Williams vs. Max Buck. Winner via jumping tornado DDT off the turnbuckles, Douglas Williams. Afterwards Williams started choking out Buck with a cravat. Brian Kendrick ran out for the save and choked out Williams.

* Angelina Love is out for a match. She says since being out with an injury she realized an athlete’s career could end at any time so she’s not wasting anymore time so tonight it’s her and Lacey Von Erich, next it’s Velvet Sky and finally at the PPV she’s getting her Knockout Title back from Madison Rayne.

* Angelina Love vs. Lacey Von Erich. Winner via DQ, Lacey Von Erich. Angelina brought a chair to the ring and DDTed Lacey on it

* Christy Hemme backstage with Jeff Hardy. Abyss vs. Hardy vs. Anderson for the #1 contendership spot. Hemme asks if Hardy can trust Anderson? Anderson interrupts and says people are trying to stir up trouble. It’s like when you were kids playing a game against your friends and afterwards still being friends. It’s just like that and Anderson will still be buds with Hardy afterwards.

* Tag team tournament semi final, Team 3D vs. Beer Money Inc. Brother Devon and Brother Ray are arguing before the match starts. Ink Inc. join commentary during the match. Winner via beer spit in the face of Devon and a schoolboy from Roode, Beer Money Inc. Devon went for a 3D but Bubba had left to attack Neal at commentary. Afterwards Devon and Ray argue. Ray slapped Devon in the back of the head and Devon shoves him down in response. Devon leaves and says he’s done with Ray.

* Desmond Wolfe w/Chelsea vs Jay Lethal. Tommy Dreamer is out in the crowd during the match. Just hanging out. Winner via a neckbreaker, Jay Lethal. Afterwards Wolfe attacks Lethal. Flair comes out and beats up on Lethal. Hogan’s music hits and he comes out for the save. Hogan says enough is enough. This is the reason TNA is on fire. Hogan says all the gimmicks, the Macho Man and the Flair stuff is hee hee ha ha, but the reason Lethal is in the ring is because he’s got the talent. He says Lethal has been running at main event level for months and is proving himself. Hogan then calls Flair out to hear this big announcement. It’s time for him to make a man’s dream come true. At Victory Road it will be Ric Flair vs. Jay Lethal.

* Jeff Jarrett is out. He calls Sting out because he has some things to get off his chest. Sting is out without the makeup on. Double J asks him to take his glasses off so he can look him in the eye and he knows that he not only hears but he can feel and see what he’s saying. JJ says Steve was the first person he called for his leadership, his ability, his professionalism and his true icon status. Even though they weren’t always on the same side of the fence, whenever paths crossed they treated each other with dignity and respect. That all changed after Sacrifice. That wasn’t a wrestling match, that was an attempt to end his career. He made a mistake though and left him standing. Now he’s got a rematch and has to deal with him. Sting is smirking and laughing at him. Jarrett says when this goes down he’s fighting for Bischoff, he’s fighting for Hogan and most importantly he’s fighting for the TNA fans. Sting leaves having never said a word.

* Abyss vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy for the #1 contendership. Tommy Dreamer is still sitting in the crowd. Match ends with a triple count out. No winner. Afterwards Abyss is angry so he beats up Hardy and Anderson. Abyss uses a kendo stick on them afterwards and also dumps a bag of glass in the ring. He Black Hole Slams Anderson into the glass. He’s lost his mind and is old Abyss again. The crowd turned on him and booed him. Abyss isn’t done. He drags Hardy up to the stage and chokeslams Hardy off the stage through a table. Hogan comes out and starts yelling at Abyss. Abyss does the “YOU” finger point at Hogan and then Hogan gives it back and starts to take his jewelery off to fight him. Security runs out and gets between them before anything can happen.

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