TNA Taping iMPACT Shows This Week, Dreamer’s TNA Debut, Dixie

– TNA will tape iMPACT tonight, tomorrow night and Wednesday night at the iMPACT Zone in Orlando. For tonight’s tapings, TNA will announce new title contenders and word is that Ric Flair will make some sort of major announcement.

– TNA’s surprise for Slammiversary last night ended up being ECW Original Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer appeared during the Brother Ray vs. Jesse Neal match and distracted Ray from the crowd. It should be noted that the major changes Dixie Carter has been teasing will be unveiled in a few weeks and was not set to be revealed at last night’s pay-per-view.

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  • Steve

    thats the big news that kept Dixie up all nite…. she obviously has no life if thats it!

  • gregpac

    Big News in TNA that is so exciting that Dixie can’t sleep??

    They just signed John Tenta to wrestle but this morning found out he had already passed away. So, then she scrambled and found out that “Iron” Mike Sharpe was a free agent. If I produced this crappy of a show, I couldn’t sleep either!!

  • justin

    Good lord you people are idiots. Didi you not read that ISN’T the surprise Dixie promised. She said we will see what it is over the next few weeks. Check your facts before you make stupid comments.

  • Steve

    1. TNA Sucks
    2. that was just one surprise she mentioned i knew that you would too if u read the main page! Talk about idiots!

  • justin

    1. You proved my point of you being an idiot with that first comment.
    2. Stop trying to save your ass. You said, “thats the big news that kept Dixie up all nite…. she obviously has no life if thats it!”

    That was not what Dixie was talking about there. Dreamer was the nice surprise Dixie promised. Not the surprise that she was so excited she couldn’t sleep.

  • gregpac

    The big surprise better be Shawn Michaels. Anything else will be a huge disappointment.

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