Ring Rust Review: From Grapefruits to Raisins

Everyone is talking about Daniel Bryan Danielson and his supposed departure from World Wrestling Entertainment. I am still not sure that this is legit however if you look at the recent history of the WWE you may not think this is a work. First let me just say if this is just part of a storyline than kudos to Vince and company you finally got something right that said before we give them too much credit let’s take a look back.

Time to go public

In October of 1999 the WWE took a big step in the global market by becoming a publicly traded company.  Between this and the success of the attitude era Vince and company were making a lot of money.  The only problem with the company becoming public was now they have to a bigger accountability to their board of directors and to the shareholders.  The WWF was no longer Vince’s private yard to do with as he pleases; he now has roommates to appease.  In short the WWF could no longer get away with whatever it wanted.

Get the “F” out

In May of 2005 the WWF lost its battle with the World Wildlife Fund after a 5 year lawsuit filed by the WWFund. You see our wrestling friends did not own the international rights to “WWF” and they were using it based on an agreement with WWFund .  WWFederation violated that agreement allowing the courts to ban Vince from using WWF ever again.  The man who fought tooth and nail during the Monday Night Wars, the man who stood his ground during the steroid trials just gave up and got beat by a tree hugging panda.  Nothing against WWFund they did what they had to and I believe in their causes but the great thing about the U.S. legal system is you can argue stuff forever but Vince just gave up. The WWE was born hence the switch to more “entertainment” than wrestling.

Muhammad Hassan

I felt so sorry for this kid, for those who do not know Muhammad (Mark Copani) was your stereotypical Arab heel. However this was different unlike the era of the Iron Sheik times where a little more scary in the early part of the century.  The WWE took full advantage creating a great heel that garnered great heat from the crowd, they loved to hate this guy, and Muhammad played if perfectly.  For some the Muhammad character was hitting to close to home, with recent attacks making headlines and Hassan attacking people using “hooded assassins” there was a lot of corporate backlash aimed at the WWE. Now remember WWE was used to backlash from the stuff they pulled during the attitude era, but they always stood their ground even making a parody of it with its Right to Censor faction.  Not this time, at the height of the character’s appeal they decide to give in and “kill off” Hassan courtesy of The Undertaker.  The Hassan character could have been huge money and exposure for the WWE but they dropped the ball.  Other television shows used terrorist themes and seem to have no trouble, and Vince keeps saying that “it’s just entertainment”. Simple Vince backed down, again.

Daniel Bryan Danielson

If you would believe “the sources” which at times can be full of crap the reason Bryan was future endeavored was him using a tie to choke out the announcer. Some higher ups within the WWE corporate family seemed to be offended by that yet not by that stupid A-Team skit.  Honestly why are they even bothering with the wrestling? Just go ahead and change the name to Monday Night Live and while you are at it get the “E” out and become World Entertainment.  Pro Wrestling is a violent business fake or otherwise it has violence overtures. Hitting people with chairs, sneak attacks, beating someone half to death is ok, but let’s not get neck ties involved they are super dangerous and send our PG audience a bad message.

The WWE cannot have it both ways, either promote wrestling or let someone else do it. The skits suck, the movies suck, the XFL sucked, the WBF sucked. Vince you are a wrestling promoter everything else you have done in the past that deviates from that have sucked no matter how many networks you create or celebrity hosts you shove down our throat, go back to wrestling your good at that.  The powerful take no prisoners innovator of wrestling has become a corporate yes man puppet who just bends over on command.  At this point they are just going to the motions, I hope the Bryan thing is just an angle because I like to see the kid wrestle, that being said it does not change my opinion on this subject nor does it change my love of professional wrestling until next time thank you and let’s watch