Nicole Bass Taking WWE Back to Court Over an Incident from 1999

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Former WWE/ECW personality and professional body-builder Nicole Bass has taken her lawsuit against WWE to the US Court of Appeals. The same lawsuit was thrown out in 2003.

Bass filed a lawsuit against WWE saying that Steve “Brooklyn Brawler” Lombardo hit on her on a flight from the States to England in 1999. In the case, WWE claimed Bass was fired because she was a terrible wrestler. Bass claimed that since she turned down Lombardi’s advanced, she was fired. Lombardi was working as an agent for WWE at the time. Bass alleged that Lombardi grabbed her breasts. She also claimed that an angle where Jeff Jarrett hit her in the head with a guitar was retribution as they didn’t gimmick the guitar to break easy.

WWE lawyer Jerry McDevitt says he doesn’t expect anything to happen now with Bass taking the lawsuit back to the Court of Appeals because the original case is from 1999 and the statute of limitations has passed.

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