More on the Huge Changes Coming to TNA


– As noted before, Dixie Carter has hyped some major changes coming to TNA on her Twitter account.

There has been a lot of talk that TNA has reached out to big names to work on the creative end of the company. It has been confirmed that two of those names are Kevin Sullivan and Paul Heyman.

Word is that if Paul Heyman would come into TNA, he would need complete control of the creative side of things. It’s also confirmed that TNA has talked with Sullivan about coming in.

More Huge Details on Changes Happening in TNA….




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  • Horseman420

    It doesn’t matter who they bring in, if the talent is sh**ty, which it is, then it won’t work. Doesn’t ANYONE remember what happened in WCW??? Russo had the talent, but the talent had egos the size of the moon….wait, aren’t a lot of those people in TNA?? Oh, then it WILL suck worse than it does now……………..

  • gregpac

    Big changes are Kevin Sullivan and Paul Heyman????

    That’s why WWE will forever rule and no one else is close. They take midcarders and lowcard wrestlers and make them main eventers. Orlando Jordan?? The Nasty Boys??

    I’m glad I have a DVR so I can record it and fast forward through that garbage. They should be pushing Jay Lethal and his imitations. I was rolling on the floor laughing at his Ric Flair montage. But no, push an over the hill Kevin Nash and a buried under the hill Scott Hall instead. What a joke.

  • gregpac

    Big Changes!! Oh, wait, isn’t that Tommy Dreamer? Hey Dixie, 1995 called and they want their wrestlers back!

    Wake me up when you get someone worth watching besides Kurt Angle and Sting.

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