WWE Doing More Realistic Angles, WWE Website Traffic, MVP

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– The June 5th SmackDown live event in St. Louis saw an interesting moment that caused the fans to pop. During a MVP vs. Cody Rhodes match, MVP sold a punch and spit his gum high into the air. The gum landed in the aisle and a fan, who is a local indy wrestler, picked the gum up, held it high and gave it to his friend. The friend then put the gum in his mouth. It’s a random item but got a big reaction from the fans.

– WWE’s website had 12.4 million unique visitors for the month of April. Their shop website averaged 633 orders per day. DVD shipments for the month of April were 277,000.

– The NXT invasion on RAW and the recent storyline with Daniel Bryan vs. Michael Cole are examples of a new company philosophy where they want to do more angles that are “out of the WWE norm.” The movement now is to give the shows a more reality-based feel.

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