Update on the Reported Kidnapping of Former WCW Star Vampiro

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– As noted before, former WCW star Vampiro was reportedly kidnapped in Mexico on May 31st and held captive for hours. At the recent AAA TripleMania event, everyone knew about the story and the reaction was said to be unique. It was said that if it would have been anyone else kidnapped, it would have been a huge story but there was a lot of skepticism since it was Vampiro. It was noted that in Mexico, if any celebrity with Vampiro’s level of notoriety had told the story then it would have gotten a lot more publicity.

The story is that Vampiro was driving from his home in Guadalajara to Mexico City for TripleMania media appearances. While driving through the state of Michuacan, his car was blocked by three SUV’s and 20 masked men with automatic weapons pulled him from his truck and stole it. Vampiro says they took his clothes off, bound & gagged him and taped his eyes shut. He says he was one of four people who had their cars stolen at the same time.

Vampiro said they were driven in circles, beaten, hit with guns and threatened that they would be killed if they tried to escape. He says they were all taken to a mountain, believing they would be killed but then were told they could leave. Vampiro says they finally made it back to a place to call the federal police and the police told them their kidnappers were a gang called the Zettas, a renegade military group.

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