NXT Invasion Continues at FCW: Rookies Attack Christian & The Miz

– The NXT invasion storyline continued at last night’s WWE developmental show in Florida. The main event was scheduled to be The Miz and Daniel Bryan vs. Christian and Heath Slater but that didn’t happen. The Miz’s music played before the match but nobody came out. Christian came out next and talked about what happened on RAW, then called out Heath Slater. Slater talked about how everything was good to start off on NXT but then Christian wouldn’t give him the answers so they lost the competition.

Daniel Bryan then ran out and attacked Christian from behind. The Miz came down next and fought off the Rookies with Christian. Miz proposes that they do a Pros vs. Rookies match. Miz cut a babyface promo with Christian and worked the match as a face.

The ending came when Miz and Christian were about to hit their finishers on the Rookies. All of the Season 1 Rookies rushed the ring and beat down Miz and Christian. The Rookies tore down the FCW ring before Bryan kicked Miz in the head and Slater hit the Killswitch on Christian. The Rookies left with the Pros laid out.

Lots of Plans Revealed for the NXT Invasion, What’s Next, RAW Spoilers and MORE!




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    ROH Is the best wrestling company in the world right now and they still haven’t completely recovered from the talent raids by WWE and TNA. I don’t think there is any question that a company like ROH could establish itself as a real alternative to WWE where TNA is floundering if it were in TNA’s shoves with the financial backing, Network support and some of the talent that it lost to WWE and TNA. ROH has roughly the same live show drawing power as TNA with virtually a fraction of the advertising and none of the exposure. If Wrestling Society X could average .4’s and .5’s in the ratings, there is no question that ROH could do at least as well immediately. In fact, I am no even so sure that it could not in short order rival TNA as is on a decent network. If ROH had a national television deal on a real network (not HDNet) and were on during the same timeslot as TNA, there is no question I would watch ROH over TNA. I have been a TNA fan since day one, but ROH is more consistent, doesn’t insult your intelligence and is not afraid to try to try to be truly alternative like TNA currently is.

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