WWE Officials High on NXT Angles, Rookies Praised After RAW, Cole

Source: F4W Newsletter

– The fact that Michael Cole was the only one to escape the NXT invasion on RAW last night could mean that it’s a part of the storyline as there has been talk of moving forward with Cole as a heel.

– All of the NXT season 1 Rookies were praised backstage after RAW last night for their work in the invasion angle. Vince McMahon, Stephanie and Michael Hayes are said to have enjoyed the recent NXT angles with the invasion, Bryan vs. Cole and the segment where the Pro’s got on the mic last week before Wade Barrett was announced as the winner.

– Evan Bourne’s push last week came partly because John Cena went to Vince McMahon and basically told him that the company was dropping the ball by not pushing Bourne. Another part of the reason was that with Daniel Bryan and Kaval coming up to the main roster, WWE wants to condition fans to accept a small guy as a main eventer.

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