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Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – 6/11

Posted by Marc Middleton in SmackDown! Results
Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

– Thanks to Terry for the following:

Dark Match:

* beat Dos Caras with his finisher. Caras cut a heel promo for the match. Nice reaction for .

SmackDown, Airing Friday:

* SmackDown opens with recaps of vowing revenge for The and winning Taker’s spot in the main event.

* Rey Mysterio vs. is first. Rey cuts a promo before the match but is interrupted by , who has words with Rey. is out next and says last night he fell victim to the NXT rookies. Punk says he will be a four-time World Champ at Fatal 4 Way. Rey dares Punk to take his mask off. comes out next and says he will win the Fatal 4 Way match. mocks Punk. Kane comes out and says it could be all of them who took out Taker and says there will be .

* Swagger vs. Rey finally takes place and it’s a good back and forth match. Rey wins after turning Swagger’s powerbomb into a 619. Afterward, Swagger beats up Rey until Kane comes down and cleans house of them both.

* Layla defeated Tiffany. Layla had and at ringside with her, Kelly had Tiffany. LayCool cut a promo before the match. Layla got the win with distraction from McCool and a neckbreaker.

* Christian defeats . Vickie introduced Ziggler and watched from ringside. Christian got the win with a roll-up but was attacked by & Vance Archer after the match. Dolph then put Christian to sleep and left with Vickie.

* Kane was shown with Undertaker’s casket. He said his soul is empty and he will take vengeance into hell.

* calls Teddy Long out. Drew shows a replay of beating him on RAW. Drew says Hardy is suspended from all WWE shows. Drew gets in Teddy’s face but makes the save. Kofi and Drew fight until Kofi lays him out.

* Teddy is shown talking on the phone next. Drew comes into his office and says it’s Drew vs. Teddy on next week’s show. If Long loses, he will be fired from SmackDown, per orders from .

* Big Show defeats CM Punk by DQ after the Straight Society rushed the ring and attacked Big Show. Show tried several times to take Punk’s mask off. After the DQ, Kane came down and cleared the ring. SmackDown ends after Kane chokeslams Big Show.


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