First Details Revealed on WWE’s New All Stars Video Game

– Gamespot revealed the first details for WWE’s upcoming All Stars game that will feature current Superstars vs. WWE Legends. The game is being developed by THQ San Diego, who also worked on the TNA iMPACT game.

All Stars is more of an arcade-style game and the wrestlers look larger than life, similar to WWE’s recent Legends video game. The game is more fast-paced than the other WWE video games and is a combination fighting-wrestling game.

Combos will play a big part of your offense and a juggle system will let you string together multiple slams and throws in a row. During these juggle combos, the game uses slow motions technology. You get access to finishing moves by building up an energy meter. The Rock’s People’s Elbow has him jumping high into the air as does the Rock Bottom.

The only two names confirmed for the game so far are John Cena and The Rock. WWE All Stars is set to be released in early 2011.

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