Ted DiBiase Tweets About Speeding Ticket, Linda McMahon Talks Steroids

— Ted DiBiase posted the following messages on Twitter early Sunday morning: “This is me getting a tickethttp://tweetphoto.com/25857416 I was doing 83 in a 70…He gave me ticket and then chatted me up about wrestling for 15 min! Thought he might rip it up….Nope”

— BusinessWeek.com ran an article on Linda McMahon’s run for Senate. When she was asked about steroid use, Linda said, “There’s some evidence sometimes of muscle disease, or cardiac disease, but it’s really hard to know because you didn’t know the condition of the performer’s heart, or whatever, prior to. So I still don’t think we know the long-term effects of steroids. They are continuing to study it more and more, but I don’t believe there are a lot of studies out there today that are conclusive.”




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