JR Blog: Fatal 4 Way, Attending UFC: Lesnar vs. Carwin, NXT, Shoot Interview

Jim Ross posted another blog entry on www.jrsbarbq.com. Here are the highlights:

Ross’ Return to WWE: “Got my travel handled for the Fatal Four Way in the Nassau Coliseum coming up later this month. Looking forward to hanging in the back and helping where I can at my first WWE PPV where I will be in the locker room area since September of last year. I wonder if I can get my pal Taz to spring for dinner the night before the event, if he’s in town.”

Ross Heading to UFC: “I will be in Vegas on July 3 to see the Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin Heavyweight Title fight which has many close to Lesnar concerned and rightfully so. Carwin has allowed no one to survive outside the first round as best I know off the top of my head in compiling an undefeated record. Lesnar is still my pick to win this one but any thing can and likely will happen in this battle of big, strong, badass fighters. ”

NXT: “I’m curious to see if there are any significant tweaks on NXT this Tuesday night for the premier of season two. I’ve mentioned this before but being a fan of reality shows I would like to see the contestants interact in a non arena type setting more frequently. Will Michael Cole select another NXT rooked to haze or has that specific ship sailed?”

Shoot Interviews: “Pet Peeve of the Day….I find myself disliking the term ‘Shoot Interview’ and I can’t really explain why except that it denotes to me a ‘dirt fest’ from disgruntled individuals ready to embellish negative stories for a pay day. With that said, watching a compelling interview on DVD with a wrestler who has an interesting story to tell in more of a documentary form really interests me. Am I splitting hairs on this one. It is simply a matter of semantics?”