Comments from Matt Hardy, Former WCW Star Releasing an Album, NXT

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– Former WCW star Juventud Guerrera will be releasing a new metal & hip-hop album soon. Juvi will be performing a five-song set on July 23rd at the annual Lucha Libre Expo in Mexico City, Mexico.

– All of the season 2 NXT Rookies can now be found on Twitter. Rookie Lucky Cannon noted the other day that his favorite wrestlers of past and present are Hulk Hogan, Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler. The season 2 Rookies’ Twitter nicknames are HuskyNXT, EliNXT, PercyNXT, TitusNXT, KavalWWE, LuckyCannon, MikeNXT and AlexNXT.

– Matt Hardy has made some interesting comments on Twitter in the last week, which could just be Hardy playing to the fans like he has done in the past. Hardy said he had been “underutilized” and doesn’t “need the WWE.” Hardy also said he has nothing to lose.

Hardy said to a fan: “Deal is-there’s more reality than not on the stuff I’m saying & doing now on TV. Something has to change-either the WWE or me.”

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