Ring Rust Review: 2010 part 1

I cannot believe we are half way done with 2010; there have been a lot of changes since January 1st. We’ve had wars and name calling, wrestlers who have lost some luster and others who have risen from obscurity. While other’s still bid farewell, there were some who returned, let’s take a look at some highlights (and lowlights) so far.

Monday Night Wars 2.0 – At the dawn of the New Year everyone was buzzing about the new “war” and how it was going to save wrestling and bring back a golden age……well how did that work out for you?   TNA put in a good effort and as I stated before even put on a better wrestling show on occasion then Raw. Give it a couple of more years and try again.

Evan Bourne – Evan started the year in mid-card jobber hell even before the fall of the WWECW Evan was going nowhere fast , yes he had a couple of quick feuds but honestly was looking forward to seeing his future endeavored. How things have changed, I do not know if it was a management thing or a Cena thing but Evan is looking to get a decent push in the near future.

Sheamus – Sheamus started the year as the WWE champion and while he did eventually lose the belt he is still in the title hunt despite not being involved in the previous PPV “Over the Limit”. I look for Sheamus to stay in the picture for a bit until HHH comes back for his revenge. By that time his reservation to the job squad should be read.

Drew McIntyre – Things were looking pretty good for Drew at the beginning of 2010, he was undefeated, and had just won the IC belt; he was also the “favorite” of Vince. Growing reports of Drew’s in-ring ability or lack of has simmered his rise to the top. Being feed to the Undertaker is generally not a good sign, but that said he married Tiffany so I don’t feel sorry for him one bit.

Rob Van Dam – Rob returned to the game earlier this year and very quickly became TNA champion. I was glad to see Rob back despite the bashing from Sting.  Rob still has a strong following but I do not know how much longer he will hold on to the belt, he had the moment of a lifetime a few years back and blew it big time, we will see.

Jeff Hardy – Go on Google and type in “Train wreck”. One person’s free spirit is another’s slacker.

ECW – Well in early 2010 they finally decided to take the horse behind the shed and take care of business, the magic that was the original ECW was long gone. Although I don’ t think it got enough credit on its own especially towards the end when Christen made that title mean something. I hear rumors that they might want to try an “ECW” invasion over at TNA. Note to them if the WWE could not pull this off you can’t either. ECW is gone, by a DVD watch 24/7 and move on.

Hulk & Eric – I’ll just put these two gentlemen together, while the announcement of Hulk joining TNA came out in 2009 Hulk and Eric made their debut in January of 2010. They brought with them the promise of more money and higher ratings; unfortunately they also brought the Nasty Boys with them along with other 90’s rejects. While the Monday Night project failed TNA is slowing getting its ratings and audience back.

R.I.P. – Ida Mae Martinez Selenkow

Ludwig Borga

Jack Brisco

Mike Scicluna

Chris Kaynon

Gorgeous George Grant

Angelo Poffo

Gene Kiniski

I’m sure I missed a few people feel free to add on, until next time….let’s watch.