Gabriel Returning to the WWE Roster?, News on Hennig’s WWE Name

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– There has been talk of having Justin Gabriel team up with another babyface star on WWE’s main roster, possibly Matt Hardy. The feeling is that Gabriel doesn’t do too good on the microphone and he needs a good partner who can speak.

– WWE giving Joe Hennig the name of Michael McGillicutty on the new season of NXT has many in the company baffled, especially since they acknowledged him as the son of Curt Hennig. According to friends of Joe’s, he was under the impression that as recent as a few weeks ago that he would be using the Hennig name on the main roster. Ever since coming to developmental, Hennig has been told to look and work like his late father because he would be using the Hennig name.

It’s no secret that WWE likes complete control of their talent names, but to give a guy like David Otunga his real name on the roster and give Hennig a gimmicked name, makes no sense to most. The name Hennig would obviously mean a lot more to wrestling fans than a name like Otunga.

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  • Horseman420

    Exactly…when I heard “Mike McGillicuty”, I thought “WTF?”
    Is he Beulah’s brother??? Plus, Otunga being “Dawson Alexander, Esq.” in FCW was better ………………….

  • joemoefoe7

    i dont get it, what was the point of barret winning if gabriel is goin to the main roster too? and obviously so is daniel bryan, half of the rookies on NXT season1 are already stars like otunga nd even slater would make it on the maain roster.
    as for joe hennig, well it doesnt make any sense at all, saying that his name is mcgillicutty and hes mr.perfects son dont make sense seeing as everyone knows his real name was kurt hennig. so yea i gotta say wtf too

  • S.E.S HiTlER

    NEXUS baby!

  • y2jake

    nexes suck and so do yuo ses hitler
    hitler suck
    ses soceity suck
    cm punk suck

    tha first seasin of nXt was ripp off becuz they all made there dream came true only one was sussposed to,. that not fair nd nexes suck bad

    prollly what will happen with the saeson 2 rookys too, thay will all make it to wee roster! WTF!

  • wtwMania

    hahaha wow why do people bring up old articles? but the old specualtions from wrestlescoop are so random and inacurate but usually funny

  • joemoefoe

    yeah yeah, well nexus aint that great the only good ones are barret and gabriel!
    other one are decent but not that good, and hey man wrestlescoop just gets the “scoop’ of what they hear and tell us, dont hate

  • stoogy

    what how old is this way before nexus…wow a better time haha

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