RAW Main Event for Tonight, Ashton Kutcher Tweets Superstars

– WWE announced on its Twitter page that John Cena and Randy Orton will face Sheamus and Edge in the main-event of tonight’s RAW.

With tonight’s Memorial Day edition of RAW hosted by Twitter all-star Ashton Kutcher, who has just shy of 5 million followers on his account, there was sure to be some social networking hype for tonight’s event. As of press time, Kutcher had given WWE Superstars three shout-outs on his page:

* To The Miz: hey @mikethemiz I need to see you tonight

* To Zack Ryder (in response to @aplusk Why are you ripping off Justin Bieber’s hair style? You’re not cool enough to have Bieber Fever): keep talking Zack, I’ll introduce you to the Farm Hand tonight.

Ryder responded: Your farm hand is nothing compared to my Zack Attack. Go get your Nikon camera and take a snap shot of my tanned & Zacked body and @aplusk is cool…cool to throw rocks at!

* To Eve: Hey @EveMarieTorres am I may need your help tonight?

Eve responded: Oh, I’m there. Especially if it involves the Farm Hand!