Kaval Speaks on Being in WWE Developmental, Daniel Bryan, More

Former TNA & Ring of Honor star Low Ki, who wrestles as Kaval for Florida Championship Wrestling, recently spoke to MiamiHerald.com about his time at WWE’s developmental territory. Here are some highlights of what he said about:

Training at WWE Developmental: “The experience in FCW has been great. As for me, my beginning, being from the New York area, starting in LIWF, advancing through the ECWA and moving onto doing a lot of things on the indies, going to Japan and TNA, the road has been long for me, but I get here [FCW), and it’s another challenge. That to me is a very important thing for any kind of professional. You need to keep challenging yourself to make sure your skills are shark, and at the same time, you’re taking on a whole new skill set because every company is different, has different rules and is run by different people.”

His New Ring Name, “Kaval”: “I had the spelling of the name differently, which was from the Philippian language Tagalog. It was spelled K-a-W-a-l, but in speaking with management, they said the name itself would probably be a little more difficult for the casual fan to pronounce. So we came up with pronouncing it as a `v’, knowing that in some European languages the `w’ is actually a double v, and that’s why it’s pronounced with a `v’.”

He continued, “So we were playing around with the idea, and the Kaval name came to me used with a `v’ instead of a `w’. The name meant soldier. Me in the ring, I’m a warrior. I’m a soldier. I really go in there and really try to give the people their money’s worth by giving them a hard fought battle.”

Working With Daniel Bryan in FCW: “In every field of work, there is always a contrast to who you are. That contrast for me happens to be Daniel Bryan. Anytime we’ve stepped into the ring, I’ve felt he’s always brought the best out of me, and I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job bringing the best out of him. Because of challenges like that, it makes us grow as people and as competitors.”