Heat on TNA’s New Knockout, Latest on TNA Budget Cuts and The Pope

Partial source: PW Torch Newsletter

– Some in TNA are questioning the company’s recent signing of new Knockout Betsy Ruth, now known as Rosie Lottalove. Her new gimmick is reportedly based on Rosie O’Donnell and former WWF wrestler Bertha Faye. Ruth, the same one who injured Daffney in a tryout, is considered by some as being very green. It’s said that TNA is bringing in a lot of Team 3D’s students because they work for cheap and live within driving distance of the iMPACT Zone in Orlando.

– The Pope has told friends that he’s still a month or two away from being healthy enough to return to action. Pope recently suffered a labral tear in his shoulder and appeared in an in-ring segment at last week’s TNA iMPACT tapings.

– The latest word on the TNA budget cuts is that there likely won’t be any big cost-cutting made on the talent side of things. TNA is trying to work harder at getting their signed talents independent dates with other companies to keep them busy while the company isn’t using them on TV.

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