Ring Rust Review: Raw 5/24/10

I admit I went into Monday night with a little bit of hesitation at least when it concerned Raw. For the first time in a long time I consciously chose not to watch it.  Between the series finale of both 24 and Law & Order being on back to back I figured Raw can wait (love the DVR) I mean after all with such powerful opposition you would think Vince & company would put on another generic show.  OK so I was wrong Raw put out a pretty good show (Jon Lovitz stuff aside) let’s get into some highlights.

We open the show with a battered and bruised Batista coming out with a little help from the officials and cutting a pretty good heel promo on how he was unjustly beaten at Over The Limit.  Batista gets interrupted by the ring announcer, and we now find out who our new General Manger is.  To my surprise it was Bret Hart (I didn’t think he would do it, but I approve). Hart wastes no time in setting up the Fatal Four Way PPV (These gimmick PPV’s are going annoying and pointless) announcing qualifying matches starting with Batista vs. Orton. Again shock as the internet almost got broken with reports on how badly Randy had been injured.  Batista had a classic hissy fit that would make Jericho proud to the point that Bret declared Randy the winner and Dave quit. It was one of the better walk off’s I’ve seen since the Jericho got “fired” on Raw by Bischoff all those years back.  The first qualifying match features Mark Henry jobbing to the Mayo-Man so he can advance in the fatal four way match.

With Bret taking the General Manager’s job it was announced that he has stepped down as United States Champion and R-Truth would battle The Miz to determine the new champ.  Great match I have always been a fan of R-Truth, he seems to connect with the live crowd and of course the kids (remember kiddies PG rating), The Miz has improved 10 fold since his debut, everyone thought he was going to be the Neidhart to Morrison’s Bret Hart but he everyone was wrong. The match ended with Ron hitting the lie detector (tribute to Manny Fernandez’s flying burrito btw) and becoming a champion in WWE for the first time. Cole reminded us that this was his first “major” championship. What does one consider a minor title in the WWE?

If I may go on a tangent Cole discussed what has been happening on NXT and his confrontations with Bryan. These past couple of weeks has been very entertaining and Daniel’s promos were top rate. The fans seem to be behind him even though said promos border on heelish. Of course people can just not like Cole that much. Still these last couple of weeks of NXT has been fun to watch.

The Jon Lovitz skit was horrible (though I’m a big fan of The Critic) as was the Diva’s tag match despite having one of my favorites Gail Kim participating in it. By the way if Virgil is going to stick around he needs a diet (says the fat kid writing the article).  Raw also saw the debut of Rikishi’s sons The Uso Twins, as well as Jimmy Snuka’s daughter who was there with them.  OMG the WWE is starting to have a tag team division, miracles do happen, to bad Carlito had to screw it up by not taking the help he needs. Those three times could have ignited a resurgence of tag team wrestling in the WWE.

The main event saw a 3 way dance between Cena (I will admit the Cenation thing is cute maybe not Hulkamania cute but it’s works for this audience), Jericho and Edge.  If Chris or Edge wins the match then the winner would advance, however if Cena wins then they both are out of the four way. After a decent match Edge gets the spear on Jericho for the win. We close with the 4-way stare down between the combatants in the four way.  Even though the ratings will not show it (around 3.1, at least they know how TNA feels) Raw put on a good show and I hope they continue to put out the effort they did last Monday, but there is only one way to find out….let’s watch