Cena Loses a Tooth at OTL, Cody Rhodes on SyFy

– The SyFy Channel sent out a press release this morning announcing that WWE superstar Cody Rhodes will be appearing on an episode of the show “Warehouse 13” in August. Rhodes will play character Joanne Kelly’s (Myka Bering) high school love interest. According to the press release:

“Rhodes guest stars as “Kurt Smoller,” the former captain of Myka’s high school football team. Charming and good-natured, Kurt shows up at the high school reunion looking better than ever and, in spite of complications brought on by exposure to an artifact, Myka finds herself romantically drawn to him.”

– Add WWE Champion John Cena to the list of superstars injured at Sunday’s WWE Over The Limit pay-per-view. Cena posted on Twitter.com/WWEJCena this morning:

“Morning CeNation. Spent last 3 hrs at dentist. Got a tooth knocked out at OTL. Mouth numb.”

He later added that a fan suggested he do a “Cena after the dentist” video – a reference to the “David after the dentist” viral video. Cena replied, “Brilliant. Is this real life?”