Carlito’s Dad Comments on His Son Being Fired from WWE

– Former WWE superstar Carlito was released last week for refusing to enter a rehabilitation program following his first violation of WWE’s Wellness program. It was widely reported that Carlito did not actually fail a drug test, but showed up to last week’s WWE RAW “unfit to perform.”

Carlito’s father, Carlos Colón, Sr., revealed in an interview with that his son was abusing painkillers. Colon said his son began using pills recently to help with his debilitating back pain, but his use quickly spiraled into abuse.

“I want to clarify that Carly was not suspended for using cocaine, or heroin or marijuana, but for abuse of painkillers, which is not unusual because they cause pain falls and blows, combined with the constant traveling,” Colón, Sr. stated. “Carly started using one or two for his back pain, but it seems that the situation has become much more serious and needs help.”

Colon said his son’s back pain was due to the execution of his “Backstabber” finishing maneuver, which is a double knee backbreaker. The move requires Carlito to endure the impact of his 200-300 pound wrestlers on his knees and back each time. Colon says Carlito never sought medical attention for his back pain, and thus his reliance on painkillers increased.

Colon said the door is open for Carlito to return to WWE down the road once he sorts out his personal problems, but “it is up to him to accept that and want to improve and get out of this situation.”