Hulk Hogan Suing the Makers of Cocoa Pebbles Cereal

– Hulk Hogan is suing the makers of the Cocoa Pebbles cereal line. Hogan claims that a character on the cereal commercials was based on his likeness. The character’s name is Bulk Boulder. Hogan’s lawsuit claims that the character’s name is Hulk Boulder, but that’s incorrect. Hulk Boulder was also the name that Hogan used early in his wrestling career before joining WWF.

The Cocoa Smashdown commercial has the Boulder character wrestling Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble in the ring. Bamm-Bamm then comes in and beats up the Hogan-like character. Hulk, the federal lawsuit states, “is shown humiliated and cracked into pieces with broken teeth, with the closing banner, ‘Little Pieces…BIG TASTE!'”

Hogan’s lawsuit says that Post Foods, the makers of Cocoa Pebbles, never asked Hogan’s permission to use his likeness. Hogan says he brought up the issue to Post in August of last year but the commercials continued to run.

Hogan says that he has been harmed by, among other things, “the unauthorized and degrading depictions in the Cocoa Smashdown advertisements.”

Below is a photo of the Bulk Boulder character:

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  • Titoveli

    man hogan needs to let that go come on ppl this days would do alot of things for money thats why this world aint goin no where

  • Sean

    Hogan not making enough money with TNA??

  • Ste

    It’s not even close to Hogan, mainly because the character jobs out but also because he has hair.

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