Vince Russo Pushing for JR, Why Mick Foley Took Time Off, More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– One of the people in TNA pushing the hardest for Jim Ross to come in is Vince Russo. Russo, who is moving to Nashville, continues to talk about getting off of the creative team and work in other areas with the company.

– One of the reasons for Mick Foley doing the “leave TNA” storyline is because his annual contract listed a maximum number of dates. TNA had used Foley so often that he was way above the pace.

Ric Flair’s contract is similar to Foley’s and he is already way above the pace expected as TNA has been using him at every TV and pay-per-view. TNA will be out of dates to use Flair before the end of this year unless they do a similar angle with him.

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