Ultimate Warrior Shoots on Ted DiBiase Sr.

– The Ultimate Warrior has posted another (very long) blog on his website firing back at the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase’s comments that he doesn’t belong in the WWE Hall of Fame because he was a terrible worker and a didn’t appreciate what the industry did for him.

Warrior shoots hard on DiBiase. Visit UltimateWarrior.com to read the whole blog. Here are just a few quotes from Warrior:

DiBiase’s Christianity & Past Sins: “Let’s be honest, here, Father Teddy. (What irony, having to instruct a man-of-the-cloth to be honest.) It was never guilt that made you change your ways to become a man of God. It was gluttony — and your dark desire to continue getting away with it. You’ve never had the discipline, in your whole life, to restrain your appetites for anything — and you still don’t. All you’ve done is substitute vices and indulgences. When you were in the business and your ego was powered by your gimmick and your fame and celebrity, you were gluttonous for sluts and salacious thoughts and living. When it was all over, the superficiality of celebrity was gone and you had nothing to cling to anymore to cover up your natural repulsiveness. Even the worst whores have standards. Once you were nothing, without the TV and the Million Dollar Man gimmick (which WWF footed the entire bill for), they wanted nothing to do with you anymore. You crawled home on your knees to your wife and God, all seemingly in the desire to be forgiven. But all you’ve truly done is use religion as an excuse and means to continue getting away with other forms of self-indulgent gluttony.”

DiBiase Calling Himself a Warrior: “Let’s get real, Teddy. You certainly never, ever came close to looking or acting like a warrior at any time during your life. On some level, it seems to me and I imagine many others, associating oneself with the concept “warrior” should or would have something to do with self-discipline, meaningful sacrifices, inner strength, digging deep within oneself to be the best one can be, integrity, honor, etc. More especially so in your case, now, since your goal as a man-of-the-cloth is to guide people away from the forces that lure them to be the worst they can be. And to do this you use the Bible’s inspiring stories of warrior-like individuals who practiced these honorable virtues, right?”

Satan’s Pig: “I really think this is where you fail the best in being a fraud, a hypocrite — a real snake-oil salesman. In fact, you fail so successfully at gluttony, I think you missed the calling of what would have been your best gimmick. The one that truly fits: Satan’s Pig. You are the embodiment of Satan’s Pig. Your face, body, mind and spirit provide the perfect image of it. Amazing, isn’t it? After all these years of stumbling around to squeeze yourself to a gimmick, you finally come face to face with your best gimmick — the real you.”

Warrior’s Success vs. DiBiase’s: “You say the only time I had a great match was when someone was leading me around by the nose. Once and for all, let’s stop the bullshit and put things in no uncertain terms: without guys like me, Ted Dibiase, you never would have worked a Main Event match in the WWF.

“You were so smart about the business, Teddy, you were too stupid to figure out how it really works. Guys like you funded petty cash. Guys like me — and Hogan and Savage at the time — paid the mortgages and the travel bills and the production costs of the whole operation. Your profit making contribution was like hitting three cherries on a nickel slot machine. Mine was like hitting the Powerball Jackpot. I earned my limousine. Yours was provided as part of your silly gimmick. Reality check: my quarterly royalty checks were for more money than you made in a whole year. It was never about who could draw money with a guy like you — it was always about who could draw money with a guy like me. Guys like you were one-of-many. Guys like me were one-of-a-kind.”




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  • daniel


  • Horseman420

    Is Jim Hellwig nuts? ( I say that because Jim, without the long hair, face paint and loud music you’re NOT the Ultimate Warrior. You’re just a bitter man. ) Ted DiBiase was involved in a YEAR LONG storyline with Hogan, Savage & Andre, whereas his programs with those same men lasted a few months. Just keep spouting your garbage Jim, and one day you WILL see the light…………………….

  • killarob

    Old ppl never know when to quit ugh guest they had nothing better to post than this trash

  • thomas

    you know alot of people like yourselfs praise Ted Dibiase for being in longer fueds but they dont realize that the warrior was better in the ring like he said he did start from the bottom sort of in WWF ted dibiase started in the middle and went up once the million dollar man gimmick was given to him he didnt wrestle as much as everyone else did u always seen ted in the audiance with the fans buying them off. the warrior was doing interveiws and wrestling. dibiase never put his career on the line or nothing warrior did a few times. hge also did something they never did beat andre in 30 seconds and won the title in what i think is one of the top 5 wrestlemania matches of all time with hogan yeah he is now no face paint no long hair no load music but he changes with time and doesnt stick with the same gimmick like flair hogandibiase, and all them do

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