JR Blog: Bret Hart’s US Title Win, Appearances with King, Sting, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Here are just a few of the highlights from this entry:

– Yes…I do like the Motor City Machine Guns and feel that they would be more effective if 1. I got to know who in the hell they are and 2. slow down a step or two. I love their energy and youth.

– Beats the hell out of me…I have no idea what WWE’s future plans are for going forward with the Guest Host deal. Would it work better once a month and make the Guest Host really special? Perhaps. The deal is that I don’t talk to the people who handle that business and we are both mutually pleased with that arrangement.

– What do I think of Bret Hart winning the US Title in Toronto. Happy for TO…surprised in general…don’t think I’d get used to it if I were a Hitman fan.

– Will Sting ever wrestle in WWE? Damned if I know. Does he really ‘need’ to wrestle in WWE? I wonder why Sting at this stage of his life is even wrestling in TNA. I do think that Sting can make significant money when he fulfills his TNA obligation by participating in a DVD covering his career that WWE can produced using the multiple hours of tape from Crockett and WCW of Sting. I actually called some of his earliest matches in his career,I mean very early, when he teamed with ‘Rock’ aka Ultimate Warrior as the Bladerunners that were going to be Bill Watts’ counter to the Road Warriors. Those tapes are owned by Ene Watts and family but WWE should continue to try and buy this timeless library.

– The King and I are brainstorming about doing some appearances together in the upcoming months to put the old, Raw broadcast team back together and have some fun.

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