Heat on a TNA Knockout, TNA Live Event Business Improving, More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– ODB has some heat on her for comments she made on Twitter a few weeks back about what has happened to the TNA Knockouts division. ODB wasn’t brought to the TV tapings this week.

– One of the reasons Hernandez was sent to Mexico was to take Spanish classes and be in Mexico so he’s basically forced to use the language. While Hernandez is Hispanic by heritage, he didn’t know much Spanish. The idea when he returns, which is happening soon, is to have him do his interviews like Rey Mysterio where he uses both English and Spanish.

– TNA’s house shows have become the company’s most successful division. Even though attendance numbers aren’t improving that much, they’re doing sometimes as much as $20 per head in merchandise, compared to just $6 per head last year. The difference seems to be Don West’s presence at the live events, where he pushes the merchandise himself.

Besides West, Jeff Jarrett and Jeremy Borash are handling most of the house show production. Jarrett handles all creative writing for the house shows since he’s not involved in the creative process for TV.

It was noted by a source that Eric Bischoff has been to two house shows since arriving in the company and Hulk Hogan has been to none. Better yet, Vince Russo has worked for the company for years now and has never been to a live event. TNA did a tour of Colorado last year, where Russo was living, and one show was taking place only five minutes from his home. He still didn’t take the time to attend the show.

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