Ring Rust Review: War of 2010

Welcome back everyone, this column is dedicated to the War of 2010. Now I don’t want to say I told you so, really I didn’t want to however I will. Don’t get me wrong I kind of liked TNA (before they got Hoganized) it was a great alternative to the stuff WWE was coming out with. I have not agreed with everything Hogan has done but I have to honestly say that compared to Raw it Impact was the better show. Now I didn’t say it was good just better than Raw.

So why did TNA fail on Monday Nights? I don’t think its one specific reason; certainly there was other competition on Mondays not only Raw but the hit shows House & 24, not to mention for a while Heroes.  TNA was so worried about getting the Raw fans they forgot that part of that demographic also watches these shows, and this didn’t even include the NFL season which would have probably made the ratings worse.  Some have said that it’s the availability of Spike TV, well when Raw ran on TNN/Spike it was still pulling high 3’s & 4’s so we can’t blame it on that, though they do have a more limited span than the USA network.

Speaking of ratings, TNA was pulling mid to high 1’s even in its first jaunt into Monday Night drew only a 1.5. Raw had almost doubled that audience, now compare this to the original Monday Night War were WCW drew a 2.5 to Raw’s 2.2 during their first “battle” in 1995. WCW had more momentum and a bigger chunk of audience.  NWA/WCW was around for a long time and was firmly established before competing with WWE and in the old NWA territories I bet they drew more than any WWE show could imagine.

So sorry to all those TNA fans, yes maybe you had the better quality show, however TNA shot themselves in the foot from day one, they had an established following on Thursday nights that they now have to try and get back. If they are lucky some will return but the damage could already be done. Future Thursday night ratings will tell the tale and perhaps the fate of TNA.  I think if TNA stayed on Thursday nights for a couple of more years there would have been a different outcome. WWE does not seem to be getting better or for that matter caring at all about wrestling in general.  TNA could have built up there audience to the point of overtaking Raw, but they jumped the gun. Blame who you want but all the RVD’s and Hardy’s might not be able to save TNA. Until next time…let’s watch.