April Hunter Contacted by WWE or TNA?, Jimmy Hart Launching Tour

– Jimmy Hart will be launching the “Legends of Rock n’ Wrestling Tour” soon featuring himself, The Honky Tonk Man, Koko B. Ware and Hillbilly Jim. A press release for the tour says the group will be performing “their greatest hits” and telling stories from their years on the road.

– Independent women’s wrestler and former WCW personality April Hunter wrote on Facebook this week that she was just contacted by one of the “big two” wrestling companies. She wrote:

“So, one of the “big two” wrestling companies contacted me this wk, but I was asked to go to my own doc & get medical clearance first (they wont cover that). Most “healthy” wrestlers wouldn’t be given medical clearance 4 the GYM, let alone in ring the way lawsuits work in the USA. Don’t have a doc. I use Robitussin…prolly wouldn’t need a job if I could afford health ins in the 1st place.”

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  • Horseman420

    “prolly”?? Perhaps the word she was looking for is “probably”, but then again, when your brains are in your tits…………

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