WWE NXT Results – 5/11/2010

WWE NXT Report – May 11th, 2010
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider

We start off with a video package showing the rookies and pros and some of the problems that exist between the pros and rookies while some get along well. We also see highlights of the rookie challenges. Who is getting eliminated tonight?

We are live on tape from Buffalo, New York and your announcers are Josh ‘Jim Kelly’ Mathews and Michael ‘I have my Brett Hull sweater on’ Cole and your host is Matt ‘Norwood’ Striker.

Matt is at ringside and he welcomes everyone to a very special NXT. Matt brings out the eight NXT rookies and they stand next to the ring. Matt says that he knows their hearts are racing. Matt mentions what the rookies did last night on Raw when they worked together to defeat the team of John Morrison, Santino Marella, Yoshi Tatsu, and Goldust when Daniel Bryan pinned Santino.

Striker shakes Bryan’s hand and then Matt wants the crowd to give them an ovation for winning a match. Matt says that he asked everyone who they thought should have been eliminated. Striker asks Tarver if he remembers what he said last week. We see the video in case Tarver didn’t. Striker says that if a superstar doesn’t believe in themselves, so how can anyone believe in a superstar. Matt says that Tarver is eliminated and Matt wishes him luck before he tells Tarver to leave the arena.

Tarver backs up the ramp and then he returns to the ringside area and he says that it was his show and he was held back on the show. Tarver takes off his shirt and throws it into the crowd. Tarver does the double handed ‘phooey on you’ gesture before we return to ringside.

Matt Striker reminds Daniel Bryan about what he said last week. We go to the video tape when Bryan said since he didn’t win a match, it should be him. Matt tells Daniel that he has been eliminated and Matt wishes him luck.

Daniel looks at the ring and then he goes up the ramp and to the back.

Matt tells the remaining six that management threw them a curveball. Matt says that the pros are convening now and one of the remaining six will face elimination tonight.

Matt tells Heath and Wade that they will be wrestling next.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Heath Slater versus Wade Barrett

They lock up and Slater with a side head lock followed by a drop kick and then Slater clotheslines Barrett over the top rope to the floor. Slater slingshots to the floor and he lands on his feet. Barrett with a clothesline and then he sends Slater into the ringside barrier before Barrett sends Slater back into the ring for a near fall. Barrett with a knee to the back as he puts Slater in a surfboard and then he connects with knees but Slater with a knee and punches. Slater with punches to Barrett and a flying forearm and clothesline. Slater drives Barrett into the mat and gets a near fall. Barrett gets Slater up but Slater with elbows to escape followed by a neck breaker for a near fall. Slater goes up top and he tries for a cross body but Barrett catches him and hits the fireman’s carry slam for the three count.

Winner: Wade Barrett

Matt Striker is in the back with Michael Tarver. Matt asks if he thinks the ruling was fair. Tarver asks if Striker knows what it is like to sleep in a car or not know how you are going to care for your children. Tarver says the ruling was fair, but the contest was not fair. Striker mentions the way that Tarver handled the challenges and wants to know if that was a way to get noticed. Tarver says that he has taken crumbs and turned it into a feast. Striker asks Tarver what is next for him and Tarver walks away. Striker wishes Michael the best in his future endeavors.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Skip Sheffield with William Regal versus Darren Young

They lock up and Sheffield backs Young into the corner and Sheffield with a clean break. Young with a forearm but Sheffield with a back elbow. Young with a kick and uppercut. Young with punches in a corner but Sheffield pushes Young into the turnbuckles and he gets a near fall. Sheffield with forearms to the back and he gets a near fall. Sheffield works on the neck. Young with elbows but Sheffield sends Young to the mat and gets a near fall. Sheffield with a reverse chin lock. Sheffield with a slam and then he misses a splash when Young moves out of the way. Sheffield runs into a boot and Young with a reverse atomic drop or two. Young with a clothesline and a flying shoulder tackle for a near fall. Sheffield gets Young up for the Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder and gets the three count.

Winner: Skip Sheffield

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Smackdown Rebound and a look at what happened to Drew McIntyre when he pummeled Matt Hardy. Make sure to watch Friday when a new Intercontinental Champion is crowned when Kofi Kingston faces Christian.

We take a look back at the elimination of Michael Tarver. We then see the elimination of Daniel Bryan.

We have Daniel Bryan in the back with Matt Striker. Matt asks Daniel if the process was fair. Bryan says that he never makes excuses and if the pros think he is one of the worst, they can eliminate him. Striker asks Bryan if he made a mistake leaving the independent scene. Bryan says that Daniel Bryan never wrestled on the independent scene. There was a guy who was called the best technical wrestler in the world and wrestled all over the world. Daniel Bryan says that he is gone because he cannot beat rookies. He says that who knows what is coming for Bryan Danielson.

We go to commercial.

We are back and did you know that NXT has been the highest rated Tuesday night show on Syfy?

We see footage from last week’s match between Otunga and his pro R Truth.

Match Number Three: David Otunga versus Justin Gabriel

They lock up and Gabriel with a fireman’s carry and single leg take down followed by a drop kick. Gabriel wit a cross body into the corner and then he goes to the apron and Otunga pushes Gabriel on the ropes and gets a near fall. Otunga with a knee to the midsection or two. Otunga sends Gabriel into the air and he lands on the mat and Otunga gets a near fall. Otunga kicks Gabriel and then he connects with shoulders. Otunga with an abdominal stretch after Gabriel tries to block it. Gabriel gets out of the hold and Gabriel with a series of kicks. Otunga with another knee but Gabriel with a spin kick as he gets a near fall. Otunga goes to the apron and Gabriel tries to suplex him into the ring but Otunga blocks it and drops Gabriel on the ropes and kicks him in the chest. Otunga with a spinebuster for a three count.

Winner: David Otunga

We go to commercial.

We are back and the remaining six rookies are at ringside and Matt Striker is with them. Matt talks about everything they have done for this moment. One will win this contest and get a pay per view title match. But that will be dashed in moments for one person.

Matt asks everyone who they think should be eliminated. Darren Young says that Wade Barrett should be eliminated. Heath Slater says that David Otunga should be eliminated. Heath says that Otunga doesn’t belong here. We are reminded that Justin Gabriel has immunity. Justin says that he doesn’t care but then he says that Otunga should be eliminated. Gabriel says that Otunga has an attitude problem. Skip Sheffield says that it is time to separate the men from the boys so David Otunga should go home. Matt asks Skip why he thinks Otunga should be eliminated. He says that Otunga doesn’t belong here with him. David Otunga says that everyone should be eliminated because they don’t match up to him. Otunga chooses one and he says that it should be Heath Slater because Slater is a wannabe and copies his style. Slater calls Otunga a chump. Wade Barrett says that it doesn’t matter because they will all drop in the end but if he has to choose one person it is David Otunga.

It is time for the next poll and Wade Barrett is now in first place. David Otunga is now number two. Justin Gabriel is now number three. Heath Slater is number four.

We are down to Darren Young and Skip Sheffield and they are asked to step forward. We are about to find out who the council has spoken for as we find out who has had a bad day and does the walk of shame as they pack their knives.

Darren Young is in fifth place and Skip Sheffield is eliminated.

Skip says that from day one he has been misguided. Skip says that we have not seen the real Skip Sheffield. He does not blame William Regal. Skip says that things happen for a reason and he says that he will be back.

Matt tells the remaining five rookies that one more rookie will be eliminated.

We go to credits.