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Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – 5/14/2010

Posted by Marc Middleton in SmackDown! Results
Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

– Thanks to Rick for these WWE SmackDown spoilers to air this Friday:

Dark Match:

* Dos Caras defeated Ryan Mitchell. Mitchell billed from Buffalo, got lots of support. Caras got a lot of heat for telling us to learn Spanish. Caras won in what was a pretty good match. He received good heat for a dark match. This match was taped prior to the NXT and WWE Superstars taping.

SmackDown, Airing Friday:

* defeated Christian to win the Intercontinental Title. This match alone will make Friday’s show worth watching. The crowd was into it the whole time. Kofi won with Trouble in Paradise.

After the match, came out and handed a letter to Teddy Long. After reading the letter, Teddy asked Kofi for the title. Kofi initially refused to give it to him, but eventually gave in. Teddy gave the title belt back to McIntyre, who was pretty much booed out of the building. They wasted a great match. Kofi stood in the ring fuming after Drew left for a couple minutes before leaving.

After commercial, read the letter and was booed completely. Everyone is pissed over this. WWE did a great job generating heat. The letter that McIntyre presented to Long stated that Teddy is irresponsible and abused his power. It also stated that McIntyre is a gentleman who signifies what the future of WWE is. Per the letter, McIntyre is reinstated to the active roster and is once again recognized as the Intercontinental Champion. It was signed by .

* Shad Gaspard beat a local wrestler. Total squash match that went on longer than it should have. The crowd was pretty dead for it until the end. Shad got more cheers than heat, which is not good if they want him to be a monster heel.

* and beat The Dudebusters. The crowd was behind and . They had no idea of who the Dudebusters were. and JTG won when hit what seems to be a new finisher.

After tag match they showed the Straight Society. Punk preached about how he saw doubt in them and that they weren’t coming to ringside for his match against tonight.

Crew members set up Jack Swaggers trophies.

Swagger came out for his presentations of his trophies. He delivered a long promo that was actually pretty good. He gained a lot of heat from it, booed constantly.

The came out and was cheered incredibly. The crowd was into big time and kept booing swagger. Show proceeded to touch and break swaggers trophies. Swagger tried to attack Show, but was thrown out of the ring. Show went on to smash all of the trophies while Swagger watched from outside of the ring. Show then punted swaggers football into the crowd After destroying everything, Show posed with the World Title as Swagger flipped out on the outside.

They continued to hype Rey Mysterio vs. C.M. Punk.

Teddy Long came out and announced Show vs. Swagger for the World Hvt. Championship, which will probably be the dark match.

vs. Rosa Mendes was up next. The hometown girl returned () and received the biggest pop of the night and a standing ovation. Before the match, Vickie Guerrero came out and introduced herself as the general manager of Raw and told Rosa to leave the ring. She said has invoked her rematch clause and for the first time ever the women’s title will be defended in a 2 on 1 handicap match. Beth vs leycool.

* Michelle McCool and Layla defeated Beth Phoenix, so McCool won the WWE Women’s Championship. During the match, a “Let’s Go Buffalo” chant broke out in support of Beth. Beth was selling the knee injury and had a brace on it. I can’t remember the last time I saw the crowd this into a women’s title match.

The match ended when McCool and Beth butted heads. After Michelle rolled out of the ring, Layla made the cover. The winner and new women’s champion is Michelle McCool. After the match, they mocked Beth as she sold the knee heavily and received a standing ovation as she was helped off.

* defeated . Chavo put up a fight at first, then kane ended it with a chokeslam. Predictable match.

They again hyped rey vs punk for later tonight

They showed Teddy and Drew. Teddy told Drew that next week it will be McIntyre vs. Big Show.

* Rey Mysterio beat C.M. Punk by DQ. Another great match. Rey hit the 619 and then the masked guy came out from under the ring to attack him for the DQ. After the match, the SES posed in the ring, with the masked guy to close the show.

Backstage Bret/WWE Update, WWE Tag Title Plans, Mysterio’s Future and MORE!

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