WWE SmackDown Results – 5/7/2010

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Report – May 7th, 2010
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider

We start off tonight’s show with a look back at last week’s Jack Swagger Lifetime Retrospective which was interrupted by Teddy Long and Jack’s opponent at Over the Limit, the Big Show.

We are live on tape from Charleston, South Carolina and your announcers are Matt ‘Fort Sumter’ Striker and Todd ‘Happy Siete de Mayo’ Grisham.

Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring and Striker and Grisham mention that Hardy is not medically cleared to wrestle at this time after what Drew McIntyre has done to him.

Matt says that he is here tonight whether he should or shouldn’t be. He shows us the footage of the attack by Drew McIntyre two weeks ago during a tag match. Then we go to the footage from last week when Drew attacked Matt in the interview area.

Matt repeats Drew’s comments about never wanting to see him again. Matt says that he does not care what Drew has to say as Drew’s music plays and he comes to the ring. Matt says that he is not going away and he tells Drew to make him go away.

Drew says that Matt doesn’t get it because nine months ago, Vince McMahon, the chairman of the WWE and Matt’s boss, looked him in the eye and told him that he was the future of his company. Drew says that makes him ‘the Chosen One’. That makes him completely untouchable.

Matt tells Drew to come to the ring to see how ‘untouchable’ he is. Drew says that Matt isn’t getting the message so he will have to beat it into him.

Matt wants Drew to come to the ring and Drew obliges and Matt attacks Drew as he enters the ring and then Matt takes Drew to the canvas and he attacks Drew some more. Referees come out and they pull Matt off Drew and hold him with his back to Drew. That allows Drew to hit Matt from behind and he works on Matt’s head. Drew punches Matt while other officials come to the ring to separate them. Matt rolls out of the ring and Drew escapes the officials and Drew punches Matt while others pull him off. Drew with a kick to Matt and then Drew with a running knee and Matt’s head hits the ringside barrier.

Teddy Long comes out and he warns Drew and tells him to stop. Drew continues the attack and Teddy suspends Drew. They restrain Drew again but he escapes and continues the attack. Teddy strips Drew of the Intercontinental Title. Drew is held back and then he kicks Matt a few more times and Teddy fires Drew from Smackdown and demands that Drew be escorted from the building. Drew grabs Teddy and then he punches Matt one more time since Teddy can’t do anything else to him. Drew says that he is ‘untouchable’ as he is taken to the back.

We go to the back where the officials tell Drew to leave and they tell him that he did this to himself. Drew says that we’ll see who is fired.

We return to the ringside area and Matt is being helped to the back by the medical staff and we go to commercial.

We are back and Josh Mathews stops Teddy Long in the back and he wants to know what Matt Hardy’s status is. Teddy says that he hopes Matt is okay and that the doctors are with him right now. Josh asks Teddy about Drew’s behavior and Teddy says that he has never experienced anything like that before. Josh asks Teddy about the Intercontinental Title and Teddy does not know what is going to happen with the title. Josh wants to ask one more question, but Teddy has to leave.

Match Number One: Montel Vontavious Porter versus Luke Gallow with CM Punk and Serena

Luke punches Porter as the bell rings and Porter punches back. Luke with an Irish whip and Porter floats over and hits a running clothesline for a near fall. Porter with more punches but he misses the running boot into the corner when Gallows moves. Porter is knocked off the apron and Gallows goes after Porter and punches him before Porter is rolled back into the ring. Gallows with a double underhook and Gallows with a knee followed by a butterfly suplex for a near fall. Gallows punches Porter and puts him in a waist lock. Porter with an elbow but Gallows with an Irish whip and splash into the corner. Gallows with an uppercut followed by a splash for a near fall. Gallows returns to the waist lock. Porter with elbows but Gallows with an Irish whip and he runs into an elbow. Gallows with a kick and Irish whip. Gallows misses a splash and Porter with a clothesline and flying forearm followed by a double thrust and facebuster. Porter sets up for the Ballin Elbow and hits it. Porter waits for Gallows to get up but Serena gets on the apron to distract Porter from hitting the Playmaker. Gallows with a clothesline and he gets a near fall. From out of nowhere Rey Mysterio attacks Punk and hits a DDT on the floor and he leaves through the crowd. Gallows gets distracted and Porter hits the 305 for the three count.

Winner: Montel Vontavious Porter

We go to commercial.

We are back and CM Punk is in the ring with Luke and Serena. Punk is still holding his neck as he says that Rey Mysterio is a coward who attacks people from behind because he does not have the ability to deal with people face to face. Punk says that he wants Rey to come out because he injured him and cost Luke his match.

Rey comes out and he stands on the stage. Rey wants to know what is wrong with Punk. He asks if it was because he came from nowhere and attacked him from behind like the mystery man who attacked Rey week after week. Rey says that he was giving Punk a taste of his own medicine. Rey asks Punk where the masked man is and wonders if he is going to attack Rey again.

Punk calls Rey a coward because he attacked him from behind. Punk says that he doesn’t know what Rey is talking about with a ‘mystery man’. Punk wonders if Rey has been painting the inside of his mask with hallucinogenic drugs because he is seeing things now. Punk says that this is an extension of Rey finding excuses for his losses. Punk says the real reason Rey is out here and that is because Rey wants to be saved and join the Straight Edge Society.

Rey says that only one person is hallucinating and that is Punk. Rey says that he came out to shave Punk’s head. Punk reminds Rey that he won the match at Extreme Rules. Rey reminds Punk that Punk lost at Wrestlemania so they are even and it is not over. Rey suggests another match at Over the Limit. Rey says that if he loses, Rey becomes a part of the Straight Edge Society. If Punk loses, he has his head shaved by Rey.

Punk says that Rey is having a moment of clarity because Rey realizes that he has a problem and needs help. Punk says that he would welcome Rey into his crusade with open arms so Rey is on.

Rey suggests that they don’t need to fight at Over the Limit when Rey says that he could walk into the ring and raise his hand nice and high to pledge to the Straight Edge Society tonight. That is if Punk shaves his head right now.

Punk says that is not going to happen tonight. Rey tells Punk that there is one thing he doesn’t understand about the Straight Edge Society. He talks about the concepts of straight edge and he likes the message, but the messenger is bad. Rey says that everyone wearing a Rey Mysterio mask represents the good in the message. Rey says that if Punk cares about saving people, they can work together. Rey tells Punk to lead by example and shave his head.

Punk thinks about it and he tells Rey that it has nothing to do with Punk shaving his hair because his hair is a symbol of purity. Punk says that he is better than everyone.

Rey says that Punk can shave Luke and Serena’s head but why is Punk better than him? He says that Luke and Serena have protected him and done most of the work in the Straight Edge Society, but why isn’t Punk bald. Rey says that Punk doesn’t care about them and all he cares about is himself. Rey says that there is nothing that Punk can do to be saved from the 6-1-9.

We go to commercial.

We are back and did you know that MVP is a spokesperson for the National Guard’s Youth ChalleNGe program?

We see footage from Superstars when Kelly was ‘welcomed’ to Smackdown by Michelle, Layla, and Vickie only to be stopped when Beth Phoenix and Tiffany entered.

Match Number Two: Kelly Kelly and Tiffany versus Michelle McCool and Layla with Vickie Guerrero

Michelle and Tiffany start things off and they lock up. Tiffany with a clean break but Michelle pie faces Tiffany. Tiffany with a drop toe hold followed by a reverse atomic drop and back elbow. Tiffany with an Irish whip and she hits a monkey flip but Michelle lands on her feet. Michelle celebrates her landing and then Tiffany with another monkey flip. Michelle goes to the floor and Tiffany goes after her but she is blocked by a wall of Vickie Guerrero and Layla. Michelle sneaks in and his a baseball slide on Tiffany when she returns to the ring. Michelle rolls Tiffany back in and Michelle with knees to Tiffany. Michelle gets a near fall. Layla tags in and slams Tiffany to the mat by her hair and then Layla tries for a splash but lands on Tiffany’s knees. Kelly tag in and connects with a shoulder followed by drop kicks. Kelly tries for the handspring back elbow but Layla with a knee to the back to counter. Kelly with a neck breaker and Tiffany is tagged in and she hits a cross body for a near fall. Kelly distracts the referee and that allows Michelle to hit the kick to the back of the head and Layla with the neck breaker for the three count.

Winners: Michelle McCool and Layla

We go to the back where Josh Mathews is with Teddy Long and he has the Intercontinental Title belt. Teddy says that since the title is now vacant, he has chosen four men to contend for the title. Two matches will be held tonight with the winners wrestling next week. One match will be Christian versus Cody Rhodes. The other match will be Dolph Ziggler versus Kofi Kingston.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see footage from Dolph Ziggler’s sleeper on Hornswoggle two weeks ago.

Match Number Three: Kofi Kingston versus Dolph Ziggler in an Intercontinental Title Tournament Match

They lock up and Ziggler with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Kofi with a few leap frogs followed by a leaping back elbow for a near fall. Ziggler with a knee and then he tries to throw Kofi out of the ring but Kofi bounces off the ropes. Kofi with a drop kick and Kofi clotheslines Ziggler over the top rope to the floor and Kofi with a suicide dive. Kofi rolls Ziggler back in and Ziggler with a kick to Kofi’s head as he returns to the ring. We go to commercial.

We are back and Ziggler has Kofi with a reverse chin lock but Kofi with an arm drag to escape. Kofi misses a splash into the corner and Ziggler hits a reverse exploder suplex for a near fall. Ziggler with a kick to Kofi and he follows that with punches. Ziggler chokes Kofi in the ropes. We see Cody Rhodes in the locker room watching the match.

Ziggler with a drop kick to Kofi for a near fall. Ziggler with a camel clutch and Kofi gets to his feet. Kofi punches Ziggler but Ziggler sends Kofi into the mat. Ziggler with a leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Kofi with a forearm and Ziggler responds with a kick to the leg. Ziggler with a reverse chin lock to prepare for the sleeper. Kofi with elbows to Ziggler followed by forearms. Kofi with the SOS for a near fall. Kofi runs into a boot from Ziggler. Ziggler uses the ropes for a leverage on a cover but he can only get a near fall. Ziggler with an X Factor for a near fall. Ziggler with a reverse chin lock and then he works on Kofi’s back. Kofi with a jawbreaker to escape the hold. Ziggler misses a splash in the corner. Kofi with chops to Ziggler followed by a drop kick and the leaping clothesline. Kofi with the Boom drop and he sets for Trouble in Paradise but Ziggler gets out of the way. Kofi leaps onto the turnbuckles and Ziggler moves. Kofi with a cross body but Ziggler rolls through and gets a near fall. Ziggler tries for the sleeper and Kofi tries his best to block it but Ziggler locks in the hold. Kofi gets to his feet and he runs Ziggler into the ropes and Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise for the three count.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

We go back to the video package that opened tonight’s show.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a run through the card for Over the Limit.

Match Number Four: Christian with Heath Slater versus Cody Rhodes

Rhodes with a forearm to the back and side head lock and shoulder tackle. Rhodes with a kick and forearm followed by an elbow to the head. Christian with a flying forearm for a near fall. Christian puts Rhodes in the ropes and he leaps onto Cody’s back and then he slingshots to the floor but Rhodes gets out of the way. Christian throws Rhodes over the top rope to the floor and he hits a baseball slide and then he goes for the springboard cross body but Rhodes moves out of position and Christian lands on the mat. Rhodes sends Christian into the ring steps. They return to the ring and Rhodes with kicks to the back. Rhodes with a hard Irish whip and he punches Christian in the corner. Rhodes with a boot to the chest for a near fall. Rhodes chokes Christian in the corner and Christian responds with a sunset flip for a near fall. Christian with a punch but Rhodes with an Irish whip and drop kick to the back and Christian hits the bottom rope. We go to commercial.

We are back and Rhodes with a gourdbuster to Christian. Rhodes with a Ric Flair knee drop and he gets a near fall. Rhodes with a surfboard followed by a forearm to the back of the head for a near fall. We see Kofi watching in the back since he will face the winner.

Christian goes up top but Rhodes with a forearm and he hits a superplex and both men are down. Christian with an inside cradle for a near fall. Rhodes with kicks to the back. Christian with a punch and a clothesline that sends both of them over the top rope to the floor. Rhodes uses the ring steps for extra leverage on a spin kick. Rhodes gets a near fall. Rhodes goes to the turnbuckles but Christian with a punch to the midsection and Christian with more punches. Christian with the pendulum kick followed by a missile drop kick from the second turnbuckle for a near fall. Christian with a drop toe hold that sends Rhodes into the ropes and Christian stands on his back and then slingshots to the floor and connects with a punch. Christian goes up top but misses a frog splash. Rhodes with a rollup for a near fall. Rhodes blocks the Killswitch and then tries for a belly-to-back suplex but Christian lands on his feet and Christian with an inverted DDT for a near fall. Rhodes sends Christian into the turnbuckles and Christian tries for the turnbuckles again but Rhodes pulls him off. Rhodes goes up top for a moonsault and he hits it and gets a near fall. Rhodes mocks Christian but Christian sends Rhodes into the turnbuckles and Christian hits the Killswitch for the three count.

Winner: Christian

We take a look at the end of the Shiz and Big Show’s move into the number one contender spot for the World Title.

Jack Swagger is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back with a look at what Drew McIntyre did to become a former Smackdown superstar.

Before his match, Jack Swagger comes to the ring to tell us some more fun facts about his life. Jack says that before everyone hears what they came here for, Jack has some stuff to talk about. He says that he was the first high school athlete who was nominated for an ESPY. In 2002, he was under consideration for the Heisman Trophy. Jack talks about his prowess in tennis on the high school level. He also talks about his chess playing ability as we go to commercial.

We are back and Jack is still talking. He asks how many people can say that they were a member of the National Honor Society. Jack says that he was president too. Jack asks where was Big Show during all of this. Jack says that Show was taking a special education class and riding the short bus to school. At Over the Limit, he will take the World’s Largest Athlete to school.

Match Number Five: Kane versus Jack Swagger in a Non Title Match

Swagger with a waist lock but Kane with an elbow. Swagger goes for the legs but Kane with a front face lock. Swagger gets back to his feet and he shows his frustration.

Big Show’s music plays and Show comes out in a snazzy suit as he joins Matt and Todd at the announce table. Swagger and Kane stop their match to watch Show walk to the announce table.

Swagger with a kick and punches to Kane. Swagger with more punches in the corner and the referee warns him. Kane with an uppercut and then Kane with kicks and more punches. Kane with a snap mare and a drop kick as Kane gets a near fall. Kane with an Irish whip but he runs into an elbow. Swagger with a float over into a front face lock as he takes Kane to the mat. Kane puts Swagger on the top turnbuckle and he connects with an uppercut. Swagger with punches and he comes off the turnbuckles but Kane with an uppercut. Kane with clotheslines followed by an Irish whip and running clothesline followed by a side slam for a near fall. Kane goes up top and he hits the flying clothesline. Kane sets for the choke slam but Swagger with elbows to counter. Kane sends Swagger into an exposed turnbuckle and then Swagger repeatedly sends Kane into that turnbuckle and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Kane by disqualification

Swagger with a clothesline into the corner followed by a boot to the head. Swagger leaves the ring and holds up the title belt close to the announce table. Swagger returns to the announce table area and Show gets up. Swagger turns around and walks into a boot from Kane. Kane rearranges the announce table but Swagger sends him into the ring post. Show grabs Swagger and choke slams him through the table.

Show goes to the ring and he puts the title belt on his shoulder and asks how he looks as we go to credits.