Ring Rust Review: Northeast Wrestling

On May 1st Northeast Wrestling presented a live event at The Rocky Hill High School in Rocky Hill, CT. It was a benefit show for the senior class. Before I get into a couple of the matches I just wanted to thank the staff of NEW for a great night, While I didn’t get my interviews I did meet with some of the staff members and promoter and they were running around all night. My tickets never made it to my house but one email the day before the event and behold my tickets were waiting for me at the door.

The highlights of the evening involved main events featuring Tommy Dreamer and Booker T, and an appearance by Dusty Rhodes, there was also a great women match featuring Roxxi.  I forgot how much fun these shows are, the fans were into all the matches and the performers looked great trying to figure out and work on their gimmicks.

The opening match featured Hale Collins vs. The Man Scout Jake Manning who’ s gimmick is straight out of 80’s WWF Wrestling Challenge program ( He comes out to the ring and wrestles in a boy scout outfit).  If done right it could be a pretty fun gimmick.  The second match featured “The Lebanese Prince” Jalil Salaam vs. Cedric Alexander; the prince was great although you can’t really screw up the classic anti American gimmick.  If you put a keffiyeh/ turban on somebody have him/her spurt anti-American jargon and you got insta-heel heat.  One of the feature matches was Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Anthony, Brian seems like a solid wrestler and Tommy got you used some of his hardcore tricks of the trade to pick up the victory. The last match featured Booker T vs. Romeo Rosell. Booker was in classic form even gave the fans a spin-a-roonie.

If you have a chance to see one of the Northeast Wrestling shows in your area (They have plenty of shows the NY and northeast area) check them out, there website is full of great information and all there shows are on DVD. Until next time let’s watch.