TNA Announcer Pushing for Mike Knox, Ric Flair Turning Face?, More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– AJ Styles was extremely upset the day of the recent iMPACT tapings when officials told him he would be losing the World Heavyweight Title that night to Rob Van Dam since it was a decision made because of bad ratings.

– People within TNA have been wanting Ric Flair to turn babyface but he’s against the idea. Speaking of Flair, he and wife Jackie Beams have been back together since their domestic incident earlier this year. Jackie was with Ric at the recent iMPACT tapings. Flair’s daughter Ashley will be getting married this month to her boyfriend of four years, the same guy who punched Ric last year.

– Taz has been pushing for TNA officials to sign former WWE Superstar Mike Knox. Apparently Taz sees something in Knox.

Big Name Coming to TNA Soon, Future Plans for the TNA World Title and LOTS MORE!




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  • Jason

    NOOOOO!!! Flair can not go face … he’s the best thing on TNA right now …
    Typical Hogan/Bischoff backstage political crap taking the belt off Styles – ‘bad ratings’? Has TNA ever had good ratings? – nope they wanted to take the belt of AJ and give it to one of Hogan’s boys – cause that’s what Hogan & Bischoff have always done –
    RVD’s great, and of all of Hogan’s boys – I’d say him or Hardy are best with the belt –
    AJ Styles is phenominal – I’ve only been watching TNA for about 6 mons now, and I’ve yet to see a bad match from him
    The TNA young stars (AJ, & Joe) are fading into the midcard – and this crap has got to stop – I truly hope this online voting thing opens their eyes – real wrestling fans want to see the young TNA stars on top, and these Old Guard (Hogan’s boys/stars from the 90’s) should be used to get the young stars over the top – that’s the only way TNA will surpass WWE – their young stars are better

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