JR Comments on TNA iMPACT and His Status with WWE

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section of his jrsbarbq.com website.

Ross answered a question about why WWE would let him go when he’s still the best in the world at what he does. Ross asid, “WWE simply wants to go in a different direction on air which is their call entirely. I don’t agree with it but that opinion, too, is a non issue. Obviously, I feel that my work will compare favorably to anyone broadcasting pro wrestling today.”

Whether he returns to WWE, goes to TNA or calls MMA or football, he is not short on opportunities. “Time will tell as to how every thing works out but I stress to all that I don’t have to stay in pro wrestling to continue broadcasting. At the end of the day it’s all about being happy and enjoying what I do for a living. I’m at the point in my life where that requirement is attainable.

Ross also spoke about TNA’s decision to move iMPACT back to Thursdays and what he thinks Vince McMahon would think of the situation. He said, “Obviously Monday mights were not going to work for TNA and let’s hope that Thursday nights help them build their brand. I have no idea what Vince thinks or doesn’t think about TNA nor do I plan on discussing it with him.