Spoilers: WWE NXT Tapings – 5/4/2010

WWE taped tonight’s edition of WWE NXT tonight from the North Charleston Coliseum in North Charleston, South Carolina. Below are full taping results:

Dark Match:

* Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins b. Two local workers named Jason & John.

WWE NXT (Airing tonight at 10 PM on SyFy):

* The show opens will all eight Rookies in the ring with Matt Striker. Striker tells them there will be the first elimination next week. Striker says David Otunga will face his own Pro in R-Truth on tonight’s show. He also says there will be an obstacle course challenge.

* Daniel Bryan is up in the challenge first. It looks like a playground. They even have a water drinking challenge at the concession stand. Daniel Bryan finished in 2:34.4. The Miz comes out and tells Bryan he’s facing Michael Tarver, winless vs. winless, right now.

* Michael Tarver b. Daniel Bryan clean. After the match, Carlito gave Bryan a backstabber and The Miz made fun of him.

* Backstage, Darren Young is with the Straight Edge Society. Punk asks Young if he is serious about a match versus him.

* Heath Slater is next in the obstacle course. He finishes in 1:36.9. Darren Young is next and finishes at 2:07.8. Justin Gabriel runs the course at 1:29.0. Otunga finishes at 1:35.0 but has to go directly to his match against R-Truth.

* R-Truth b. David Otunga

* Wade Barrett is disqualified from the obstacle course competition when he falls off the monkey bars. Skip Sheffield finished at 1:31.2. The winner of this challenge is immune from being eliminated from the show next week.

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