Spoilers: TNA iMPACT Tapings – 5/13/2010

– Thanks to Tim Capture for these TNA iMPACT tapings that will air next Thursday night:

Pre-Show Tryout Match:

* Los Ben Dejos w/Simon Diamond vs. Generation Me. Simon was introduced as El Grando Wizard. Winners via combo springboard leg drop and standing shooting star press, Generation Me. Los Ben Dejos are local graduates of the Team 3D Academy and wrestle local indies.

TNA iMPACT (Airing Thursday, May 13, 2010 on Spike TV):

* Eric Bischoff out first. He says he really does love each and everyone of us. He introduces the TNA Heavyweight Champion, Rob Van Dam. TNA has a poll to see the top ten rankings to see who he’d face. Jeff Hardy is the next on the list after Desmond Wolfe, so nothing would be better than RVD vs. Hardy tonight. Only problem is no one can find Hardy so they’ll give him the night off. RVD says he loves being champ and the best thing is defending the belt so no night off for because he’s the whole F’N show. AJ Styles’ music hits and he comes out and says watch your mouth, you’re a champion for God’s sake and a role model. He asks RVD if he wants to wrestle because AJ is in the mood to hurt someone. AJ asks if he thinks the people came to see RVD? No, they came to see AJ because he is TNA. He says even though he has RVD in 3 days, he still wants the match tonight because he will always be champ. Jeff Hardy’s music hits and out he comes. He says he’s been confused by the new days to show up and doesn’t have a secretary but he’s here tonight for his match. AJ protests and says it’s his match. Hardy says RVD is the champ so how about he makes it a 3 way? Bischoff says that’s a great idea and says the match is tonight.

* JB backstage with the Beautiful People talking about Tara. Madison Rayne says Tara needs to get over it that she’s not the champ anymore and she is now. Velvet Sky says they’re going to stay champs after the PPV because she said so. Lacey interrupts because she really has to pee and runs off. Madison asks why she’s here and Velvet says it’s because she’s pretty, that’s why.

* Taylor Wilde vs. Tara. Taylor went for a springing splash off the second turnbuckle and Tara kicked her in the gut and got the pin. Afterward Tara beat Taylor with her knee brace. Sarita ran out for the save. Afterwards they’d showed footage of Chelsea in the back crying while a major scene was going down with security and officials trying to find out what’s going on. Desmond was trying to get some room for her as this was going on.

* Brian Kendrick vs ?. Before we find out we go back to Chelsea crying as police are coming to investigate. Brian Kendrick vs. Douglas Williams. He still has the X Division belt with him. Before the match, Douglas calls Kendrick a loser and hasn’t seen him a single Match so he isn’t worthy of a shot at the title so this is non title. Kazarian comes out to join the commentary table. During the match, Kaz comes to the ring to get the belt and it distracts Williams long enough for Kendrick to get the win via schoolboy.

* Christy Hemme in the back tries to get a word with Pat Kenney about a possible assailant. Kenney says he can’t believe what he heard and leaves.

* Generation Me vs ?. They go to the back and Christy Hemme says if the assailant is true it will be major news. Police aren’t allowing the name to be released. Generation Me vs Matt Morgan Morgan gives one the Hellevator and the other the Carbon Footprint. Morgan gets on the mic and says they warned Hogan there’d be carnage if he didn’t tell him who their partner would be at Sacrifice. Morgan gets ready to stomp one of the Me’s and Samoa Joe comes out for the save and Musclebusters Morgan and takes off.

* After Joe is gone and Morgan is out, the Band come out with the briefcase for the tag title shot. Nash and Hall cash it in. Nash just pins Morgan immediately. Winner and new TNA Tag Team Champions, the Band.

* Beer Money, Inc. vs. Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D vs. Ink Inc. One of Shannon Moore’s earrings was ripped out and he’s bleeding profusely Winner via Spear from Neal on Brother Ray, Ink Inc. Team 3D gets in Jesse’s face afterwards, mad that they’re the ones who trained him and got him here and this the thanks they get.

* For the Global Championship, Rob Terry vs. Abyss. Abyss doesn’t come out when his music plays. Orlando Jordan sneaks in from the crowd and low blows Terry and holds onto Terry’s package for a prolonged time. Jordan gets a pipe and beats Terry with it. He shows Terry a playing card, probably the queen of hearts, and then throws the deck on Terry. Jordan gets on the mic and says it’s about time to cut the foreplay. He does what he wants, says what he wants and acts how he wants because he’s the TNA wildcard. He asks if the people want him to leave. They say yes. OJ says he’ll let them fulfill their every fantasy. He challenges anyone in the back to make him leave. Tomko comes out and we get Orlando Jordan vs. Tomko. Winner via guillotine choke, Orlando Jordan.

* Backstage, Bischoff says Tara sure is going to wrestle again. Her attitude has been piss poor and what she did to Taylor was uncalled for. He tells her to get out to the ring right now.

* Sarita vs. Tara. Winner via knee brace shot to Sarita while the ref was blinded, Tara. Afterwards she attacked Sarita but the ref broke it up.+

* TNA Champion Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles. Mr. Anderson came out during the match and attacked Hardy. At the same time, AJ pulled the referee in the way of an RVD top rope sidekick. AJ dove onto everybody on the outside. RVD got spiked with a DDT on the outside and AJ rolled him in for the win.

* Hardy gets on the mic with RVD afterwards. He tells RVD to leave because he’s got this. He calls Anderson to the ring right now and let’s do this. Anderson makes like he’s going to the ring but goes to leave instead. Hogan’s music hits and Hogan won’t let him leave. Hardy attacks Anderson and they begin to brawl all over the place. Hardy swantons off the announce table onto a prone Mr. Anderson who was on a table below.


* From Generation Me, Matt Buck vs. Kazarian. Winner via his finisher, Kazarian. It’s like if someone goes for a code red and the person taking it holds on and drops down to his knees, I just don’t know what to call it.

* Homicide & Okada vs Ink Inc. Winner via Spear from Jesse Neal to Homicide, Ink Inc.