Man Claims Khali Slapped Him, WWE & Mayweather Sued by Artist

– Anthony Dash has filed a lawsuit in South Carolina against WWE and Floyd Mayweather, saying that Mayweather’s WrestleMania theme music used a few years back was a version of material he already had copyrighted. The lawsuit says that Dash’s 2005 song Tony Gunz Beat was the same song Mayweather used at WrestleMania. The suit claims Mayweather just added his own “explicit lyrics” to the track. Dash is asking for $150,000 per copyrighted work that has been infringed on as well as preliminary & permanent injunctive relief to stop the Defendant’s “ongoing infringement of Plaintiff’s copyright.” The lawsuit also asks for all copies of the Plaintiff’s works be destroyed “or otherwise appropriately disposed of.”

– out of India has an article on The Great Khali’s return to India this week. A fan, who reportedly was admitted to a hospital, claims that Khali slapped him at the Delhi Airport on Saturday night. Khali told that he did not slap the fan and was simply pushing the huge crowd away from him.

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