World Title Match Announced for Tomorrow’s TNA iMPACT

– TNA has announced that Rob Van Dam will defend the World Heavyweight Championship on tomorrow night’s live iMPACT in Orlando. RVD’s opponent will be one of the leaders in the new TNA rankings system. Currently Jeff Hardy and Desmond Wolfe are leading the poll. Here’s the updated line-up for tomorrow’s iMPACT:

* More on Eric Bischoff’s new rankings system

* Hulk Hogan’s decision on who gets Ric Flair’s Hall of Fame ring

* Hogan will confront Sting about his recent actions

* Orlando Jordan’s new O-Zone segment with guest Rob Terry

* Douglas Williams’ return since being stripped of the X Division Title

* Beer Money vs. The Motor City Machineguns

* The Beautiful People vs. Sarita, Taylor Wilde and Tara

* RVD vs. one of the stars from the TNA Championship rankings

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