Steve Austin Says WWE Should Hire Awesome Kong

– Steve Austin and Awesome Kong hung out at the Cauliflower Alley Club event this past week. Austin and Kong took to Twitter this weekend for a quick conversation where Austin put her over. Here’s what they wrote:

Kong: “It was a dream come true to meet and chat with you @ CAC. Hope to see you there next year!”

Austin: “you too kong!! keep up the great work..if WWE has any brains they will hire you immediately…GOOD LUCK!!!”

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  • Lynn Angela Pisco

    I think the entire world wanted to see Awesome Kong to do her thing on a live pay per view event such as ” the W.W.E.’S SUMMERSLAM ” on Sunday August 15, 2010 . If she decides to sign a major deal contract inorder for her to appeared on either Monday or perhaps maybe Friday night’s Raw and Smack Down , these ladies are definitely will have their hands tied behind their back eventually especially Michelle McCool and her crew including Vicki Guerrero of course might start to put her own issues on the side whenever they do their own ” trash talking ” inside the ring no doubt if possible . However though you don’t want to mess with this female monster heel of ” Awesome Kong ” cause when she reacts towards anything else , you might want to reconsidered having your own ” medical life insurance policy ” while you’ll still can Vicki or else you’ll be ending as becoming her ” latest victim ” instead . So I would suggest to be extra careful while talking nice to her when she arrives into the ring at any given moment o.k. Thanks !

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